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[Dev Log] Who Knows (Where They're Going)

A topic by Drazillion created Sep 24, 2017 Views: 373 Replies: 6
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Who Knows (Where They're Going)

Who Knows (Where They’re Going) follows two waitresses on their first date, and their anxieties about the future, and themselves.

It will be a twine game made in 1.4.2 with Sugarcube 2. There will be choices, but they don’t change the outcome of the date. Instead, they allow you to explore different topics of conversation. While both of the main characters generally struggle with their future prospects, Vera’s storyline also partially deals with fatphobia, while Rel’s storyline includes her struggle with her ace identity.


The protagonist is Vera (Right in the image), a dorky and resolute young woman. Despite her more forward personality, she is uncertain of her future. Because of this she is taking a gap year. She is a full time waitress at the Roasted Lily Cafe. She is Homosexual Homoromantic, and is quite confident in her sexuality.

Her love interest is Rel (Left in the image), a more level headed young woman with a lot of pressure on her shoulders. She is a first year student at university, which is why she is only a part time waitress at the Roasted Lily Cafe. She is Demibisexual Demibiromantic, however she is unaware of the existence of the ace spectrum.

Mentioned sometimes over the course of the date, Kris is the manager and owner of the Roasted Lily Cafe. A no nonsense kind of woman, she often comes off as irritated at the world. Despite this, she is still a motherly and protective figure to her workers. She is Asexual Aromantic, with a “It’s fine, just not for me” disposition towards sex and romance. 

What's Been Done?

I have currently done very little past the concept as I've been trying to narrow it down into a manageable scope for the last month. However, I expect the game to be very short, around 2k words with 5k words being my absolute maximum. I am also not planning on doing any art for the game unless I find myself with spare time.


I was finally able to sit down and do some work on this game today.

This involved me mostly doing aesthetic changes and programming. The writing itself is going to be pretty brief and straight to the point while still capturing the characters, so that's not going to be so much of a focus. 

I really dislike the standard Sugarcube 2 UI, so I quickly destroyed that with CSS (and a sprinkle of JQuery) that I used in a previous Twine game. Once that was cleared, I imported cropped sprites of Vera and Rel. 

A big theme with the game, and these two OCs, is give and take. How much you centre everything on yourself, and how much you focus on others. Because I want to make a relatively upbeat and heartwarming game for this jam, I can't explore this theme to its full extent. So, instead, to show this theme, I am simply showing the sprite of the character that is getting more attention to on the side of the screen. 

I have started writing, but only the starting passages.

Here's my Twine file so far.


Ahhh! Ace characters! :)


Yep! :D 

Ever since I saw the rules at the front of the Yuri Jam, I knew I wanted to make my game have Ace characters in them ~


A demo of the first section of my game is now playable!

This demo features new art of both Rel and Vera.


Look, I saw that my topic was the bottom one of the first page and I couldn't let it slip to the next one okay?

So update, life's been busy and tiring so I haven't been able to do much. On top of that, I slipped into writers block because I wasn't sure what to write for some choices, and with a game like this, I can't just remove choices? Or else you'd have more options with one of the characters than the other.

But a lot of that's over now. I've gotten over the hump of the writer's block and it should theoretically be smooth sailing from now on.

Except I'm not completely free and the deadline's real soon. Oops.

But I just have the final passages of both characters to go, plus wrapping up the game. Which should be fine because no choices will be involved from here on out. 


The full game is now up and done! Please enjoy!

The final word count is 3593, which is a pretty good medium between my estimated word count (2k) and maximum word count (5k) so I'm pretty happy with that :D