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Multiplayer Titles

A topic by churches created Dec 01, 2021 Views: 439 Replies: 3
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If we make a multiplayer game will you be able to play it or should we keep it single player?


Absolutely,  you can do multiplayer, though it might be a little harder to make in such a short space of time.  But we're happy to accept any submissions that fall within the rules!

Sounds good, thanks!

Hello Churches. I made a multiplayer game for my first year doing this Jam, and while it is certainly possible. I would not reccomend it. In order for it to work well you'll need some form of server browser or matchmaking, which will extend your dev time. And players are less likely to review your game because of the extra work the player needs to go though to get friends to play with them. (this is especialy problematic without matchmaking.) 

Ultimately its up to you, and if you do go forward with multiplayer ill be sure to play it and give you some attention. But i would not reccomend it.