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Absolutely,  you can do multiplayer, though it might be a little harder to make in such a short space of time.  But we're happy to accept any submissions that fall within the rules!

Hello everyone - congratulations on completing our 2020 jam! We're delighted with how it went and hope you had a great time.

If your team has placed in the top 5 - please have one member of your team contact Alex in the Yogscast Game Jam discord:

Sure! As long as it all falls within the other guidelines

Yep, no problem with that!

Hey Matcha,

All submissions must be entered by the Sunday deadline. Good luck!

As long as the final build is playable on a Windows machine or in browser, you can make it in whatever you like!

A lot of people enjoyed using GameMaker Studio 2 and Unity for building their games in this jam last year. GameMaker 2 are even giving full access to their engine to participants for the duration of the jam, and giving away free copies to the winners! There's always a ton of community support for engines like Unity and GMS2 simply because they are very popular, so you might consider using one of those in a high-pressure project like a gam jam.

That said, picking the engine you're most familiar and confident with is probably always going to be the best bet. Good luck - can't wait to see your game!

Thanks for the post! I'm sure this is a concern many people will have, and it's something we've thought about a lot.

The reason we've decided to stick with these dates is that we're reluctant to do it on a weekday because many people with work commitments would be unable to join. We want to make sure people have enough time to find team mates, so we can't bring the jam dates forward, but we're also unable to push them back to the following weekend because the finale stream date (11th) is locked into the schedule and unable to change.

We really appreciate your interest and I'm genuinely sorry these dates aren't going to work out for some of you. We want to make sure as many people as possible have an opportunity to join, and it sucks that it's not always possible to do that.

Apologies, the video didn't send with the email properly!