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I have no clue how to contact you directly on here, do you have a discord? I'd like to ask for some upfront feedback if you're available.

Nice  update, I made it :)

Kakapos were a great choice of bird, took a few tries to learn the layout of the world, but I got those seeds!

Pretty fun game,  the birds are definitely constipated though which makes it hard to hit people, takes a long time to squeeze one out.

Definitely could have been a more smooth transition, agree with you there . Thanks for the nice comment and the play through :).

Cool Earthbound vibes, enjoyed for what it was.

 Was a good time, those chips are elusive, wasn't able to get a single bag in my 2 goes. 

Very neat game idea, played through a few times. Would be fun to see where this would have gone with a week instead of 3 days.

Neat idea, I had fun getting into a flying rhythm watching the birdies build up behind me :)

Sure could use a restart button, thanks for checking it out!

Sounds good, thanks!

If we make a multiplayer game will you be able to play it or should we keep it single player?

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That was fun! Played it a bit while I was working and got to 1,000 coconuts per second before the game got too laggy to operate any more.

I am sure most issues are from the time limitations, but some things that would be nice to see:

-Monkeys become useless once you get enough helicopters and planes make helicopters a bit useless as well. 

-Would be nice if later game you could place islands full of trees or something, was very tiring clicking T and playing trees after a bit

-Not require tab focus for the game to run, it would be nice if I could browse other tabs on my browser without the game pausing.

I really liked the concept for a clicker like this, let me know if you ever plan to keep developing, I'll stay tuned :).

Dig the art, the room reminds me of Super Mario RPG on the SNES.

Appreciate the comment, thank you!


Thank you!

Really well game, I'm impressed with the amount of features you were able to pack in the short amount of time. The tutorial was so smooth I didn't realize I was in a tutorial, great job!

This was a fun puzzle game, good work! 

I kept accidentally using lives trying to move into walls which was a bummer, especially on the longer ones.

This art style and presentation is awesome! Great proof of concept, I had a good huddle of customers running in a big mob outside my store on the first day it was hilarious! Laughed and had a good time with the mechanics.

Really enjoyed your mechanics, great work!