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Unity Programmer Needed

A topic by DevLynx created Dec 08, 2016 Views: 163 Replies: 2
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Hey jammers, would anyone like to participate in this jam with me?

I have what I consider a unique and fun idea which I need help developing , if you are interested contact me as I will lonely share the idea privately..

The game will be a 2D game made using Unity.

What I need:

The main mechanic of the game is too complicated for me so I'm looking for a smart Unity C# / UnityScript programmer to help me out with the mechanic's implementation. I estimate that once the game's main mechanic is completed the rest of the game shouldn't take long to complete.

Please note that I am a programmer and that if this idea was at all 'impossible' I wouldn't even bother about it. I am confident it can be done.

We will both share ownership of the game however the assets used in the game belong to the asset's creator. And if you enjoy working with me, I'll probably be willing to help you out with future projects.

Thank you. Happy Holidays.

If you're interested reply to this post and inform me on how you would like to be privately contacted. Please know that video chatting / voice communication isn't possible for me.

Hi, are you still intrested in a help with unity programming (c#)?


Not really, I dropped the idea since I couldn't get it to work on my own, your welcome to help me develop the game but since the Jam's almost done I don't see a point, thanks anyway.