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Welcome to the Christmas GameJam 2016

The Christmas Game Jam is a once-annualy game jam; that uses one theme, Christmas. Anyone can create or submit a game as long as you complete your product within the 29 day time-limit.

Rules of the Jam

The rules are here to keep the game jam fun, and fair, while still allowing people to have the same amount of creative freedom they would have on any other projects. Although, the administrators reserve the right to remove any game they feel doesn't conform with these regulations.


The theme is pretty simple, you must make a game that is based around Christmas, this can be a myth or something that actually happens on Christmas. Although the theme is already released, your game should not be worked on until December 1st.

Asset Creation

Public domain, CC licenses are allowed to be used, as long as it is notified and told what the work is, and where it is used on the games page. This applies to sounds and graphics likewise.

Code Snippets, Personal code, and Engines.

Any free external libaries may be used for your game, engine like UDK and Unity3D is fine. While if you want to use pre-existing code, it must be made availble to the public before the start of the contest.


Your game will be rated in the following points:

  • Creativity
  • Gameplay
  • Innovation
  • Christmas-Factor
  • Atmosphere
  • Assets
  • Overall

Games are uploaded under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Creative Commons license.
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Christmas hidden object game for adults
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Become Santa and sort children.
Role Playing
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A game about spreading the Christmas spirit
Simple christmas low poly game made with Blender and Unity
Save Christmas by fixing the Gift Delivery Machine after sneaking into Santa's Factory!
Deliver presents in an icy city!
Fly in Santa's sleigh and view the sights of the Christmas village
Set the star on the top of the christmas tree.
A simple yet fun christmas themed game
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An infinite Christmas Runner
Endless Skiing Game
Santamn vs the Jingle Gang is a Holiday themed sidescrolling Beatem up
Rescue Santa from the evil Christmas Tree Balls
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Christmas Jam
Assist Santa in delivering gifts to all the children in this challenging race.
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Santa having some problems before christmas