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Would be more interesting, but less casual if the user was forced to feed the animals. And perhaps had to find particular combinations of animals. 

Download "LetsCreate.exe" and launch this executable. 

I think there should be a tile which increases the time, or something which adds more time (despite not sticking with the theme) but overall pretty nice. Might be popular with some "juice" and an improved game feel. 

Thanks I'll keep that in mind, I plan to a release an extended version of the game for the LetsCreate jam. 

Pretty boring in my opinion but I didn't encounter any bugs so maybe with more time it could've been made more interesting. I like the art-style. And the control-scheme is simple.

@TheDudeFromCI : You're right, it didn't (the issue was I forgot to assign its proper HTML ID and it is now fixed). Thanks

It is a lot more challenging than it is fun - either I suck at the game or after about 4-6 minutes its too difficult, its a game I wanna keep playing but after being unfairly overrun when I think I'm doing well is  so frustrating.

The AI isn't the best...  I'm not sure if I get the idea but I'm assuming we have to make the best path for the amazing looking characters to get to the area in the top-right corner.. . Hope to see more of this game (I couldn't get past the first level) - I like the concept. 

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Such a well paced amazing Idle game, I'm hoping there isn't an "auto-spin-forever" mechanic cause that would kill the motivation to return to the game (something suspect I'll be doing a lot of today, thanks for killing my productivity for the day).  And since the game only relies on the mouse as input it makes the controls so much more simpler. And that Upgrade-interface is awesome. 

Hi, firstly happy birthday to Jupi. I have a game which was originally made for the GDL Love is in the Air jam (for Valentines day), but failed to submit it in time - I started the game on the day the jam ended and so would still like to work on it - so may I continue working on it and submit it to this jam?

Not really, I dropped the idea since I couldn't get it to work on my own, your welcome to help me develop the game but since the Jam's almost done I don't see a point, thanks anyway.

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Hey jammers, would anyone like to participate in this jam with me?

I have what I consider a unique and fun idea which I need help developing , if you are interested contact me as I will lonely share the idea privately..

The game will be a 2D game made using Unity.

What I need:

The main mechanic of the game is too complicated for me so I'm looking for a smart Unity C# / UnityScript programmer to help me out with the mechanic's implementation. I estimate that once the game's main mechanic is completed the rest of the game shouldn't take long to complete.

Please note that I am a programmer and that if this idea was at all 'impossible' I wouldn't even bother about it. I am confident it can be done.

We will both share ownership of the game however the assets used in the game belong to the asset's creator. And if you enjoy working with me, I'll probably be willing to help you out with future projects.

Thank you. Happy Holidays.

If you're interested reply to this post and inform me on how you would like to be privately contacted. Please know that video chatting / voice communication isn't possible for me.

Game-Creation Tool <> Scripting/Programming Language

  • GameMakerStudio - Drag & drop or GameMakerLanguage
  • Ren'py - Python/Similar to Python
  • Unity3D (5) - Unity/Javascript & C#
  • Stencyl - Drag & drop or Haxe
Simple HTML/JS/CSS Text Editor: Text-Wrangler (one of my favourite, OS X)
Graphics Tools:
  • Acorn - OS X
  • Paintbrush - OS X
  • Gimp - OS X, Linux, Windows
  • Paint.Net - Windows
Sound Effects/Music Tools:
  • FL Studio
  • Garage Band
  • FamiTracker
  • BFXR
  • Audacity (music editing software)
Tutorials For The Above Engine Languages:
  • Unity3D - Unity Learn (on the Unity3D website)
  • GameMakerStudio - ShaunSpalding (Youtube Channel)
  • Ren'py - Ren'py Website & Maddy E (Youtube Channel)
  • Stencyl - Stencyl provides good sources for learning

Please don't be offended if a tool/software/language which you think should be here isn't, these are just a few tools & resources which I'm familiar with which are suited for both beginners & intermediates (and advanced).