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Tools for getting started Sticky

A topic by Zoyander Street created Sep 05, 2016 Views: 354 Replies: 4
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A good intro guide for making a game:

Other stuff that I personally like to mess around with:

I would suggest Godot Engine, too:


Thanks Hairic! What level of experience should someone have to be able to use Godot engine straight away?


Game-Creation Tool <> Scripting/Programming Language

  • GameMakerStudio - Drag & drop or GameMakerLanguage
  • Ren'py - Python/Similar to Python
  • Unity3D (5) - Unity/Javascript & C#
  • Stencyl - Drag & drop or Haxe
Simple HTML/JS/CSS Text Editor: Text-Wrangler (one of my favourite, OS X)
Graphics Tools:
  • Acorn - OS X
  • Paintbrush - OS X
  • Gimp - OS X, Linux, Windows
  • Paint.Net - Windows
Sound Effects/Music Tools:
  • FL Studio
  • Garage Band
  • FamiTracker
  • BFXR
  • Audacity (music editing software)
Tutorials For The Above Engine Languages:
  • Unity3D - Unity Learn (on the Unity3D website)
  • GameMakerStudio - ShaunSpalding (Youtube Channel)
  • Ren'py - Ren'py Website & Maddy E (Youtube Channel)
  • Stencyl - Stencyl provides good sources for learning

Please don't be offended if a tool/software/language which you think should be here isn't, these are just a few tools & resources which I'm familiar with which are suited for both beginners & intermediates (and advanced).

Godot utilizes GDscript, which is a scripting language reminiscent of Python. It needs some basic knowledge of programming and a bit of knowing the tools of the editor. There are few tutorial that explains the workflow of the editor.

Overall I would say it's suited more to intermediates, not quite for beginners.