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I would give this 10/5 stars, these sheet are so handy!
I am finally having a blast at solo RPG thanks to these.


La perfezione fatta a pixel. Il tuo lavoro prende tutta la bellezza e precisione della pixel art e va oltre. Potentissimo!


Grazie per la conversione, l'ho aggiunta alla descrizione. Grande!

Yea, that can be helpful. Ping me on socials or here when it's ready so I can link it in the description.

Done! you can find both the spread version and the single page version now.

corrected in v0.1.1


Post here any typo you find so that I can correct them.


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Ehi, thanks for the kind words.

I kinda wanted the Moon Child to be misterious but I guess it is a bit too much. Also I kinda run out of space lol.
I will leave you with these descriptions then:
"The Moon Child is a fragment of the manifestation of the Moon Will, that was created as a mean to get closer to humanhood. It represents its curiosity for human life, that the Moon cannot really understand."
"The Moon Beasts are fragments of the manifestation of the Moon Will, as a mean of protection against humanity. They represent its fear for humans’ cruelty, that the Moon cannot really understand."

perfect, thank you kindly

Hello, I wanted to ask a couple of question:
1) is it fine if I submit a project I still have to finish but started before the jam?
2) I'm currently writing it in italian, but I plan to translate it in english regardless. Can I submit it even if only the first language is ready?

If it can be of any use, I made a free and small illustration pack (11 spot art)

I wish to make it actually, I am just terrible at making video and so is my english pronunciation :)

I want to make this a recurring event, but I got to determine the timespan between one another.

I made another jam series in the past and stopped after the third because the 4 months timespan was too frequent to keep up with.

My options are to do one each 6 months or yearly. I might do a poll to ask what people would prefer.

Thank you!! I hope to make more wacky dudes


Thank you, I hope to add more to this game sooner or later

Eheh thanks, the style is just a matter of doing quick non-pixelart with some smudge, scale it down and clamp the colors with a filter. Helps a lot with the animations too.

I hope to expand this story a little bit ;)

Thanks, the effects are an old trick I have up my sleeve eheh

Thanks, I might try to make an actual game out of this now.


thank you :3

Lovely characters and pixels!

No voting, as this Is a non competitive jam.

You might look around and put some 5 stars to your favourites entries though

Love this concept. Moulting do be a hard part of life ahah

I love that vehicle model, could be fun to ride.

Also I thought the gun seemed a little out of place for a survival game, unless something more sinister hides in the snowy terrain :O

I love this, but unfortunally I have to remove it from the jam as screenshot made previously of the jam aren't allowed. Deeply sorry.

When you are against a tennis master that dual wields the rackets you know you are in trouble ahahah! Looks like an amazing concept!

Great compositions, the setting looks amazing!

The atmosphere is so desolate, i love it. It almost seems like you are a war machine with nothing to fight.

I love these shapes and expressiveness of your character!

Love the concept, hope you can pull this off as a complete game!

Thank you Aplove, it's been fun making these.

Disqualified as it uses AI art. See the additional rules.

You can definitly work on the game, but I'd ask to wait at least a couple of days after the end of the jam, just to keep in the spirit of it.

I'd write that you don't allow derivate works on the Page.

But to be fair, the idea of the second jam Is kinda up in the air at the moment, mostly for licensing matter. I fear that all the licensing matter might not be come in use regardless and the second jam might Just remain an idea.