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Stunning pixels

most probably, They are gonna be a separate asset pack but wanna try some goblins.

Feel free to suggest any kind of enemy.


Charming little game :D

I hope I can develop this a bit more, I think i can make a decent 5 bucks game out of it

the big sword is too heavy and you either hit eavily with 6 damage or don't hit at all

Interesting concept!

funky wizard game

Very Charming, loved all the birds


no u

Cards and dices are the best

thanks for the feedback. Ill try to improve the game after the jam. Clarity Is a curse in turno based game and i hadnt got the time to make a proper tutorial.

Right now there are no heals as i wanted to Spice up the difficultà a Little bit. Also the bow allow you to Pierce through shields

the sword is too big and you either hit it or miss it completely.

PS: i should have added the button

Design is amazing and chaotic, love it!

Insenily good design, great work

lovely idea, would make for a fun party game

Fun space shooter with cool controls. The dice mechanics didn't convince me totally, but coll nonetheless.

neat dodgeroni game, but no anime girl Zac wth

These are paper miniatures for personal use, they are not assets.

They are meant to be printed to be used during tabletop RPGs or Skirmish games.

They have no licence for publishing use because they are not meant to be used for external publications.

If you need assets, I made a few for free over here, but these minis are not in any means usable outside personal use.


ahah thank you! I like to group characters in color, it makes it so videogamey.

Thank you, I hope I can work more on this and complete this game.

Lovely game, i like the variety of rods you can have, and the screen shake was on point.

Thanks, I was going to do "Slay the Spire minus the cards" basically and make it more RPG-ish. But alas sometimes real life drains a bit too much energy ahah

Cool little game, I love the aestethic although sometimes is hard to separate the enemies from the background. Also the beam is way more powerful compared to the missiles imo. I feel like the latter should travel faster, but nonetheless a fun game.

This game Is so lovely and challenging. 

The gameplay Is well designed and the controls are fluid.

The sound design is excellent and I often snap my fingers at the level clear sound.


They are adorable!

That's pretty neat, it would be nice to see a game implementing some mechanic out of this!

Yea it's a typing error, it should read as "room 10".

I'll fix it later, thanks for noticing!

Oh damn I totally forgot to make it printable! I'll provide a BW version of the PDF asap and convert the markdown version to a pdf as well.

Thank you, I fixed the "chosen to", but left "Artefact" as it is as that's the british spelling apparently. I like it better cause its closer to the italian word "Artefatto" and it's seems fine either way

Post here any typo or error you find in the zine or in the cards (tfw not a native speaker)

I'll consider adding arrow keys in the future. Alternativly you could download the executable and play from there

thank you kindly for the nice response! Glad you like it so much

Thank you, gotta amp up those animation to make the game look cooler!

Thank you, I guess I'll nerf that move by weakening the user each time it gets used. Stuns are kinda buggy when both of toys get stunned right now so might has well change the secondary effect. Thanks for the feedback

damn this game gets real intense real soon. good job!

cool game, sometimes you might have to wait too much for the tris of beer to appear, but overall neat work