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Hello itch. 

I recently started working on a prototype I left behind this January. I started it as a development of my first game ever, Cultists VS Demons, a simple turn based rpg-ish game made for ludum dare 43. 

Now i want to focus on the combat system in order to make a online duel game, where you control a bunch of character-pawns in order to defeat the enemies character-pawns. The game will be open source and avaiable on Github.

The first step I took was to redesign the whole combat system structure: I'm using Godot and decided to separate the logic of combat from the graphic nodes object, opting to use a MVC structure. I'm using some Resource script to handle the character logic and some 2D Nodes to handle the View of the game and the root of the Godot scene and some other underliyng node are the Controllers. Currently I am doing some changes to the whole structure in the branch Network and the BattleScene isn't ready, while in Master there is a little example on how the system will actually work.

For an online game some networking shenanigans is required. To do that I'm discovering and using Node.js which is super useful to handle websocket and can easily be connected to Godot game instances. In fact on the Network branch you can see an functioning (at least in term of functionality) lobby system. I need to structure better the Server side, but for now it does what it needs to do.

Next step is to finish the whole restructuring of the project and then create some actual game logic. 

See ya in the next one.

It has been some weeks since I started making a project with new version of Godot.

For now it's called Gun Waifu, since the starting idea was to make a game where your weapons, that you collect throghtout the game, are also cute girls to save from bad guy.

The game still needs more stuff to be added to be playable, but I am finding a certain rhythm that I can follow.

More of the game later, for now just a gif of the dodge roll I implemented last night.

Godot utilizes GDscript, which is a scripting language reminiscent of Python. It needs some basic knowledge of programming and a bit of knowing the tools of the editor. There are few tutorial that explains the workflow of the editor.

Overall I would say it's suited more to intermediates, not quite for beginners.

I would suggest Godot Engine, too: