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So I guess I'm boned?

A topic by Hotdog Laserhouse created Nov 01, 2016 Views: 356 Replies: 3
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I finished my entry at three minutes to midnight my time. I created the page for my game and went to figure out how to submit it to the contest only to find there was a completely separate submission form with completely separate requirements to making the page

By the time I got everything all squared away it was several minutes past midnight and my game never showed up on the submissions feed.

So that's it for me, right? 322 hours down the toilet? :(

On top of that, in my desperation to actually get my submission in before midnight, I forgot to fix two incredibly simple bugs in the version I DID submit. Would've literally taken me seconds to fix them, it was like one line of code each.

I'm sort of crushed, and mad at myself. Not that it would've mattered, I don't think anyone would have voted on my game, having entered at the last minute...


Please PM me so we can make sure you are submitted to the main contest.

Does itch support PMing? Going to your profile I see your community posts, but no function to PM. Unless you mean doing it somewhere else?


You can PM me on that is fine!