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Recommended resolutions for game entries?

A topic by Gawain (DarkGriffin) created Oct 01, 2016 Views: 147 Replies: 2
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Since we are required to include a graphic in our final game. what resolutions should we shoot for?

Is it ok to crop/resize the credit image to a smaller resolution, 640 x 480 for example, or use our own in game tag for #iwanttocreate on boot up instead?

The image doesn't seem to be on the page for the contest, by the way, or at least I can't find it on There are a few conflicting image links floating around posted by community members, and then the weirder stuff press material page that only has these huge vertical sized web banners. Can someone from CT confirm which images we are supposed to use in our entries?

I'd like to also mention that I'm developing on a laptop with a pretty low resolution, so developing and testing at the size of the web banners from weirder stuff press materials would be "interesting" to put it lightly. ;) I really hope I can go all lower res and pixely instead.


the game I'm working is 480*264. It can be whatever you want as far as I know. The last jam, the resolution was even lower. I just scaled the graphic to fit, I think that normal and acceptable.


Ok, that's great to know, thanks!

Which graphic are we supposed to be using? Is there a link somewhere?