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Lets make a team and win this thing!!!

A topic by Rishalin created Oct 29, 2021 Views: 467 Replies: 12
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Hi, I'm Rish, a game narrative writer from South Africa. I'm obsessed with VTM I'd love to find a team and create a world shattering game. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Hello Richard. I'm also a narrative designer. Idk if that would maybe be too much working on one thing but id love to talk with you about working together.

I'm a want-to-be Narrative Designer and would love to join  a team and help out! 
I was thinking of using Twine or something for a small text adventure rather than learning a whole engine - I'd be very much on the beginner end.

If a team needs music I'd be happy to lend some tunes, vtm is my jam 馃憖


hello, I'm interested! do you have some samples I could listen to?



here's an ambient track for street-level moods

here's a grungy-soft-rock track that's directly inspired by V:TM - Bloodlines

here's a hip hop / acid jazz beat for a club mood


The first one sounds pretty nice for the general mood we're aiming for! Would you like to chat in twitter DMs to talk about how you work, so I can explain the kind of tracks we'd like to have overall, whether you'd lend us existing work or create new one, and if what we're looking for is good for your style?


Hello, I'm looking for a second programmer in Unity for a 2d choice game. We have one, but she also doubles as our artist and we'd rather not have her be overworked. If you're interested please reply to this message and/or join the Dark Pack discord server linked to the main page, and tag me as Archon Bun! 

Hi! I'm an artist and character designer and I really wanna make a visual novel for this jam! I have a set of characters but I'd need help with the writing/story.  Would also love to hear others ideas for characters and how they might fit into the story and whatnot.

I'm down to check out the characters and try to come up with a story :)

Awesome! If you have twitter you can shoot me a dm @/cyborbo :))

I'm excited to help. I'm an English professor historically, so I'd be happy to edit for spelling, grammar, etc.


I'm a game narrative writer with little experience in coding. I'd love to work with a group that's into games with consequence and choice. Anything will really work as I love both game jams and the Vampire titles. Professionally I'm a game designer who has published a game for V5 already!