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Submitted by Beard or Die — 2 hours, 49 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Enjoyment - How much you enjoyed playing this game.#312.5983.000
Presentation - How well executed the game is.#312.4542.833
Use of Theme - How well the game incorporated the given theme.#362.3092.667
Concept - How interesting or unique the game is.#372.3092.667

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

What external assets did you use in this jam?
I started the jam out with a project that had the VR controller I ended up with at the end of my last VR game jam (Valem's), which is a lightly modified VRIF controller. Here's a full list of the Unity assets I used or had in the project intending to use (mostly editor tools):

Editor Tools: VRIF (BNG Framework), EasyColliderEditor, Ludiq Peek, MMFeedbacks/MMTools by MoreMountains, Sirenix Odin Inspector, Pixelplacement Surge (for Tweening and State Machines), Probuilder, TextMesh Pro, Fullscreen, MaterialOverrides (from the Unity FPSSample)

Particle Effects: FX Fire Free (just a gag joke)
Outlines (not even sure which one I'm actually using): AdultLink Rimlight, HighlightPlus, OutlineEffect by José Guerreiro, QuickOutline by Chris Nolet

I also used a few CC0 sounds from; just a few CC0 meshes from TurboSquid and I also used quite a few sounds from the free Oculus Audio Pack.

What was your favorite part of this jam?
Probably finding cool audio to use in the game was my favorite this time around.

What was the hardest part of this jam for you?
To be honest it was a slog all the way through due to life sucking time away and hard-to-debug issues. Waiting for a build sucks. And not being able to figure out how to test a lot of things outside-of-VR (I used an emulator but it can only do so much. You really have to jump into it in VR to test physics, scale issues, etc). Unity only crashed on me twice, which is actually WAY less than normal, so that was nice.

What resources/tutorials do you wish you had when making this game?
Unity physics always gets weird when rigidbody/colliders are not at 1:1:1 scale. I have some editor tools to help, but I still end up with wonky physics a lot in VR. I guess tips and tricks and tools on solving these weird issues would be cool.

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Had a micro heart attack when trying to leave the dome, thanks for the adrenaline


Nice job for a 72-hour jam.  Was fun to try a few things I hadn't seen before (the hand indicator on the ladder, the bow/arrow subgame).  The lighting oddity did add a cool effect to the game--perhaps something to do with the placement of your light source?


Good stuff

Only real note is on the first puzzle I found the environment a little too dark to complete the objective

Story continuity and other aspects can be fleshed out as you progress past the stage the game is at.

Good job, my favorite escape roomy bit was smashing something ;)


It was a little dark, I tried turning off the shadows but that didnt help. If I didn't get bored for a second and walk around looking for something to do I wouldn't have noticed the black box on the floor. Thank goodness I did though! The rest was really cool and creative, too bad you didn't get to finish your vision!


I loved the atmosphere you made here! The cage-dome stage and colors (or single color rather) made for an eerie and cool little experience. Good work on it!

Also "friendly fire" make me actually chuckle :)