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WIP - My Pet Niffler

A topic by anarbitrarymustache created Feb 05, 2018 Views: 225 Replies: 4
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I'm trying to juggle multiple projects, so I didn't think I'd have time to really create a worthwhile entry. I have been able to whip up a basic virtual pet engine, but am still lacking proper feedback. - i.e., the game isn't communicating all of the necessary information to the player. For example, there is no visual indicator for when your pet is sick even though the mechanic is there for them to get sick.  (UPDATE: your Niffler should show when he's sick now!) Still have a lot of pixel work to do. Animations and flair. I had come up with two mini-games that were going to be ways to "play" with your pet, but haven't really started those. I'm not sure how much more time I'll be able to put into this before the deadline, so I'm going to have to choose my final punch-list items carefully.  

With all that, let me introduce you to "My Pet Niffler". I haven't actually had this play tested by anyone else yet - haven't had the chance to trouble my usual friends and family. So fair warning,  there might be some obvious things I've missed.  Feedback welcome.

Jam Host

oh my goodness, that art is absolutely gorgeous


thanks! just added a few quick "emotes" to help  give the player better feedback  on their pet.


i love the style. Great work.