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Looking for sound and/or level designer - Metroidvania Project

A topic by Darragh Burke created Sep 01, 2017 Views: 186 Replies: 5
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Hi all, I'm looking for anyone interested in working together on a Metroidvania project! I can do programming, art, and writing, but I'm rather poor at the other two aspects of game development.

  • Concept is a Metroidvania with horror elements about exploring an asteroid mining base in the near future where workers have started mysteriously dying. Revolves around solving the mystery based on talking to crew members and reading logs, but also a fair bit of combat and platforming.
  • Will make heavy use of light and shadow (dithering!) to build atmosphere
  • Game will be written in Javascript using PixiJS
  • Custom level editor! I'm more than happy to add any features you require.

Also - if you're a pixel artist, you could definitely pitch in! I'm only a beginner artist and I certainly wouldn't mind someone taking over the heavy lifting for me.

You can reach me on the Game Jam DX Discord or on here if interested :)

Aforementioned Discord:


Mind if we make this the Official Unofficial gameboy jam discord?

X3 No problem; it was the same with GBJam 5.

can i use scratch for game jams?

Hello everyone.

i work with music and sounf fx for games.


let's do it!