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I remember this was one of my first thoughts upon seeing your generator; it would be so cool to generate 3D procedural medieval towns and then use it for roguelike gameplay or something. Love it!

Hi all, I'm looking for anyone interested in working together on a Metroidvania project! I can do programming, art, and writing, but I'm rather poor at the other two aspects of game development.

  • Concept is a Metroidvania with horror elements about exploring an asteroid mining base in the near future where workers have started mysteriously dying. Revolves around solving the mystery based on talking to crew members and reading logs, but also a fair bit of combat and platforming.
  • Will make heavy use of light and shadow (dithering!) to build atmosphere
  • Game will be written in Javascript using PixiJS
  • Custom level editor! I'm more than happy to add any features you require.

Also - if you're a pixel artist, you could definitely pitch in! I'm only a beginner artist and I certainly wouldn't mind someone taking over the heavy lifting for me.

You can reach me on the Game Jam DX Discord or on here if interested :)

Love the visual style. This looks really really cool.

That means a lot, since the first Legend of Xenia was a big source of inspiration when I was brainstorming haha, especially for the UI. It might end up based on an anime film called The Place Promised In Our Early Days, though I may scrap the idea and do something smaller since time and my artistic abilities are limited.

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Posted another teaser! Some UI work is up next...

All the positive feedback has me motivated :) I've missed gamedev a lot! 

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Working with: PixiJS and SoundJS, VSCode, Aseprite

Day 1.5: I have a little teaser:

Possibly an homage to a film I grew up with. Also, I haven't done anything like this in years, so bear with me if this log is a bit unstructured.

Day 3:  Lots of behind the scenes work to make some actual game mechanics work and pave the way for more content. I do have a .gif to show off though!

Day 4: After much struggling with code, art and sound I have only a little to show for it. Pixel art is hard, man.