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An eight step puzzle in 300 words made for Twiny Jam.
Submitted by Corvidae with 5 days, 3 hours before the deadline

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this game is so cute! at points i wasnt sure what to do so i just kept clicking, which kinda reminded me of animal studies/superstitious pigeons. like, surely the answer will come if i just keep clicking!! but you also made the mechanics work in a specific way that mean just clicking around wouldnt always work, and i appreciated that and found it enjoyable. thanks for making this game!


*This comment contains spoilers for this game. If you haven't played it yet, please play it before reading this.*

It was a surprise neat the end of the game to find that I have a beak- and then I find out I'm a bird in a lab! Wow! I really liked your puzzle mechanics; you really did something very different than you expect from a Twine game. And I looked up Corvid- it's a family of birds. WOW!

Seriously, I love your twist. It makes everything make a lot more sense, and it's just . . . so well done. I gasped out loud in delight. Awesome job.

(btw, I'm in this jam, too! My game is HCF!)