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dixon grimdixie

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i find myself thinking about this game often lately

this made me panic!! i love it

@porpentine thank u!! the link css is from enjoycss ( im so glad this jam inspired some changes for

i love this game! its just a happy, genuine lil game. rocks and bugs are cool. thank you for making this <333

instead of buying things i cant afford i have played this game and it saved my rent check <3 really cute concept and i enjoyed playing this thru several times. thank you for making it!

gross! i love it

this is a beautiful and peaceful twine experience <3

this game is so cute! at points i wasnt sure what to do so i just kept clicking, which kinda reminded me of animal studies/superstitious pigeons. like, surely the answer will come if i just keep clicking!! but you also made the mechanics work in a specific way that mean just clicking around wouldnt always work, and i appreciated that and found it enjoyable. thanks for making this game!

this game hurt. thank you for making it. <3