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Evaluation method, more detail.

A topic by Plinio.JRM created Nov 09, 2018 Views: 137 Replies: 7
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Hi. I know it's your first jam that you host, but would be nice if you detail more about how the entries will be evaluated.

Assign specific people to evaluate certain topic or invite people to be judge (ask if they will have the time to test and evaluate each entry).

Here some idea of evaluation topics (copied from another JAM I participated - it is good to look at others to have/copy an idea):

  • Concept: The game match the theme/genre?
  • Playability: Is the game fun, is it engaging and/or challenging?
  • Visual Impression: Is the game aesthetically pleasing, does everything fit together?
  • Replayability - Do you feel you would want to play again?
  • Creativity - How individual is the game?

BTW, I love this genre.
That's it. Cya.


I'll see what I can do


T      Y     G

H     A     O





read It up and down

Erm...did you do anything?


yes I did

Sorry, I'm still not seeing it. What are the criteria? And who will be judging?


The criteria will appear once the voting starts