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Ever wanted to go to space?

Why don't you sit down, open Unity, and make a game where you can go to space!

The theme is "Space" so you can do anything with that! Make an alien simulator, A rocket ship construction game, or etc!

Bitsy games are welcome also! So if you have trouble with Unity or Unreal Engine then you can just go to bitsy.

You can continue to update your game as much as you want! Even after the jam is over!

Please try to submit NEW projects

This is my first time hosting a jam so I hope you like it!

We also have a Discord channel if you want to discuss development with us!

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Detroy the Deadly Asteroid!
Travel through space with over 80 songs.
Save earth from the dairy products! (Bullet-hell)
Trade across the universe with your trusty space ship, and your nasty AI.
Role Playing
Sci Fi Indie 3D Game