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A jam submission

you are the deadView project page

a gm-less story game for 1–17 players
Submitted by dión // isle in the heavens — 8 days, 14 hours before the deadline
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Left and right side of a two-page spread

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I'm fond of this thematic! I truly hope to see this game in the book, I guess it just miss the sentence you wrote on the itchio page ("Players are invited to inhabit the souls of those that have fallen in a long forgotten conflict.") to completely understand your game. I would love to play to it with my dear fellow skulls


Oh, yeah, I totally get where you’re comming from.
I guess I just had the naive hope that the title might double as the premise 😅

If it does get included in the tome, I’d be seriously tempted to find a way to ammend that sentence (or a shorter, similar version).


oh perhaps a native English speaker wouldn't need this sentence! If that's a common idiom to speak about people who die at battles/conflicts?

 Else, we could think we are dead due to so many things (without "sacrifice ourselves" but your game needs to have these kinds of deads)


Nah, I’m not a native speaker either, so I don’t think it’s a common idiom. I just already know the game's background since I’m the one who wrote it (arguably with too few words) 😅

Honestly, I haven’t really spent enough time (or any, really 🙈) reflecting on how understandable what parts of the rule are to whom.
Thank you so much for the feedback ^^