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I don’t know how it took me this long to discover this entry 🙈

Marvelously evocative setting and a lovely escalation of doom and dread 💀

I wonder what terrible plans players might come up with if they manage to abscond with the device—and what nefarious powers might offer them for it…

I've been staring at my keyboard for 5 minutes straight, trying to come up with something clever to say, but words fail me…

Lovely soundtrack and pure emotion/perspective 💜

Excellent, worked like a charm, thanks ^^

I did, somehow, indeed completely miss the Kickstarter so I’m happy to get a second chance with this “late pledge” ^^

However, I can’t seem to find the option to purchase anything on this page (if that was the intent) or find any further info on the original Kickstarter page. I assume this page is just a placeholder thus far and will be updated with a (pre-)purchase button sometime before May 1st?

I started reading this and went “All those smells seem rather on the nose—bit cheeky, no?”
Then I read on and didn't find it too funny anymore.
Finished the short story(?) and now I hope I won't have to smell either in the near future  🙈

Gets straight to the point and evokes a terrifying, actionable scenario.
Can't wait to see others go through the same progression of emotions ;)

Happy to have had a (human) hand in it ^^

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Haha, thanks ^^
You're cordially invited to dream up a disturbing incident involving the tape ;)

Oh wow, those are some twisted little toys 😬

I love how the items’ mechanical impacts still work without going further into the gory backgrounds, yet those are available in abundance for anybody interested in the details, along with strong worldbuilding 🔥

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Glad you like it ^^

That’s very kind of you, but I think I already have a lot of your stuff in my library 😅

Don’t sweat it—maybe, if you’re fine with that, just add a few community copies to stuff that’s still missing them, so others can enjoy it as well?

Sorry if this is too straightforward, but, in the interest of furthering human made efforts, if you still want a rougher die instead of the current vector template,  here is a quick one I just sketched for you.
100% human made, free of charge, no strings attached 🤞
(Obviously also means I won't be disappointed if it's not what you're looking for—I have no idea how long the imgur link works anyhow and I'll delete this message if you want me to)

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Ooh, there’s some excellent world building going on here 👀

Besides being a great grab bag to pick and choose individualt signs from, this feels like an excellent jumping-off point for people to add their own as they see fit—the style and “language” you’ve employed works super well as guidance in this regard ^^

Bonkers how complete this feels without even the slightest bit of instructions or talk of mechanics. Artefacts, bestiary/encounters, map, adventure hooks…

I commend your dedication to the handwritten medium, really works wonders for immersion in this case 👍

Love that attitude 💪

The way you match the weird™ of your art to its context (the Bay in this case) is great!
Can't wait to see what's next ^^

 🤘 💀 🤘

Top notch presentation, really captures the old-school hand-made feel 👏

The way the perspective of the booth descriptions kind of frames everything as by/for an outside observer is a really nice touch adding to the whole thing’s weirdness.

Can’t wait to drop Azrael on some unsuspecting players 😈

I don’t know how and why, but the way your poetry frames these urban legends feels like it can speak to everybody at the table in wonderfully different ways. Like, a GM could use one of these as broad inspiration for a mystery, read another to the party and drop yet others into the game world as found flyers and each time the effect at the table would differ wildly. Truly makes me question how the format/medium influences what people get from something  👍
I hope some PCs try to find out who penned these dark prophecies in-universe…

Wow, this goes really hard with how far in-universe players are invited with the magazine handouts. I love how these kinds of entries build a whole new level of reality on top of The Lost Bay’s initial fiction, weaving exponentially deeper stories with each new addition.

Also, I absolutely dig the style 🤘

Oh dang! What a perfect way of anchoring the weird to the real 🙌

While there’s some fun actual story-telling and possible interaction already baked into the text, what I’m much more interested in is the possibility for story to emerge simply from players asking questions about a quirky little phrase here or there. This catalogue reads like it could fuel a whole campaign just by the power of curiosity.

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Ooh, I love that concept. 

I must admit that amount of preparation sounds like more effort than I thought anyone would ever apply to this fragment 😅
Though I remain open to surprises ;)

I’m blown away by the “realness” of this entry. Everything about it feels like something I’d expect to find a grainy picture of posted onto some tiny county’s obscure local forum, asking who had been hanging these all over town.

Like, I have no doubt in my mind that this poster is exactly what people would put up around The Lost Bay once the first few kids go missing around the old folks’ home. And you even managed to make it actionable for the actual game!

The systemic premise alone—a life insurance doing everything in its power to circumvent payment due to their customer’s premature departure—is an excellently grim extrapolation of today’s capitalism. The writing and presentation you added to that feels like an extra juicy cherry on top 👏

What a fascinating little piece of lore, excellently presented 🤘

Somehow, it being in a style that reminds me of my childhood makes it all the more palpable and believable. And, imagining I could’ve come across something like this for real makes it even creepier to me 🙈

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Skin crawling. I love it!

While I'm sure a certain reading is implied, I quite enjoy just how many questions are left unanswered.
Like, did the demon or the human write and hang up the poster and hence, whose skin is nailed next to it?

I love the concept of taking something familiar and with minimal modification fundamentally changing the way you interact or think/feel about it. Having finally gotten through House of Leaves for the first time recently, these bookmarks come at the right time for me to have similar fun with seemingly innocuous books ^^

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Skillfull genre mix of weird, whimsical, funny and disturbing. Great use of the medium’s format.


That's some excellent old document noise and the slight tilt hurts my brain the exact right amount  😵‍💫

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Sounds fair enough, that's why I thought I'd ask beforehand.

With all those cool small indie TTRPG servers on Discord and my scatterbrain I tend to lose sight some of the time, but I guess the TLB community seems like a fun new addition to my roster—see you over there ^^

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Love the way you portray the progression of whatever poor Bill is going through 🤘
(Also, had to edit to say I really dig the GIF thumbnail)

Hi folks (and especially IKO) 👋

While I’m still considering making a wholly original zine for this jam, I already went ahead and submitted a fragment I had originally created for the latest Tiny Library jam. The theme (Modern Fantasy) fits The Lost Bay well enough and I was lucky that “mxtp” was already designed as a found artifact.

Now, onto my question: I feel like there were a couple other entries into that jam fit that bill as well—would you be OK with me sharing this jam in the respective community (and also hyperlink the above mentioned jam here, if folks are interested)?
Don’t want to flood you with “established outside stuff” if you’d rather have entries that are bespoke to The Lost Bay.

I’m happy you think so. I was hoping that this would come across as a “real” item which has been used in the game’s world. I wonder what stories players/GMs come up with about the previous owners …

Ooh, excellent. A friend has been trying to get me into the podcast for years now but I hadn’t been aware of the book. Seems like a great place to start 👍

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Thanks for the tip, I’ll add it to my ever-growing reading list 🤞

And OH  BOY, are you and your kids in for a treat—I wish you lots of fun ^^

Update: Actually, turns out, there are just so many books with this (or a very similar) name, that it seems impossible to pick the one you suggested—you wouldn’t happen to have some more info on like the author, release date or publisher?

Haha 😂

I mean, if the print comes out symmetrical enough, that should work in theory…

I’m not sure the card will fit back in the deck that  way, but I love the thought of folks making this artefact their own—be sure to send me a pic of the tape’s fate ;)

I’m happy you enjoy it ^^

Thank you ^^
Well, I think I missed one or two along the way, but there were just so many awesome folks participating in this jam that I wanted to reassure their work was acknowledged and appreciated  ✌️

Thanks, that's nice of you to say ^^

Excising a moment not only from one's memory but from history entirely has some fascinating implications for the game world and I can't wait to see how folks break reality with it  🙈

Looks fantastic, feels ominous and offers a wonderfully unenviable choice  👍

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This feels like the perfect Venn intersection between anticapitalist manifesto and high-effort shitpost and I'm so here for it ^^
(I hope this does not come off as disparaging, I'm being quite sincere and enthusiastic)

All hail be to RODERE!

*ahem* Squeak, I say, squeak!