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Aw yes, excellent answer ^^

Actually, Trophy Dark is one of the games I already familiarised my folks with, so I really dig the idea of another game in that vein acting as a sort of funnel for a ‘full’ TTT experience.

I’m sold, can’t wait for the full release!

I'm super intrigued by the art direction, concept and setting.

My one concern currently is that most folks I regularly play with are somewhat reluctant when it comes to trying anything but 5e — the most success I’ve had so far was with one-shots in systems with super lean rules.

Since the ‘shortest throne’ so far is laid out for at least 4 sessions and you suggest the DM has a strong familiarity with BitD, how accessible do you deem TTT to newer players? Will a future release contain tips on how to facilitate fewer/shorter, more beginner-friendly sessions?

(Honestly, you know what, I might jump the gun and get the game no matter your answer, just for the art and story inspirations 😅)

I just want to reach out to one person, and touch their heart, and say, "Hey. It's gonna be all right."

You did.
Thank you. 

Hi everyone (especially Long Tail Games),
I was wondering if there were any exact specifications I might have overlooked as to how our submissions ought to be formatted to facilitate clean and easy production.

I’m specifically looking for:
colour space (which cmyk standard, coated: yes/no?), exact size (with or without bleed?), dpi, spread vs. single pages etc. (stuff you'd find on the printer's spec sheet)

(As far as the digital versions go, I’d guess the A5 versions we already submitted should suffice, although uniform resolutions might help the whole PDF’s look.)

Also, would you like us to add in page numbers (assuming the order is finalised before printing and there will be a table of contents)?

Congrats and thanks to everyone involved in this project.
It was a really fun experience to start and finally complete working on an idea ^^

I can't believe I almost didn't rate this treasure because of the price/few community copies  🙈

Although I ordinarily prefer a bit more freedom concerning where the story goes, here I think the rigid structure supports the narrative.

When planning to play this with more than two people I can imagine having my fellow players not take individual roles, but rather alternate around clockwise, reading the next prompt, thereby always having a new person deciding a character’s voice.

Yeah, in hindsight I pretty much just dumped an amalgam of what I read on the game page and my impressions of the rules themselves in that comment 😅
I’m happy to hear that the game had the effect you intended for it on me (and probably others).

Ich wünsche ganz viel Erfolg bei der Abstimmung und hoffe sehr, dass die Regeln prominent im Buch landen ^^

P.S.: holy moly, re-reading the page I just realised how doubly clever the title is (improve-to) 🤯

Nah, I’m not a native speaker either, so I don’t think it’s a common idiom. I just already know the game's background since I’m the one who wrote it (arguably with too few words) 😅

Honestly, I haven’t really spent enough time (or any, really 🙈) reflecting on how understandable what parts of the rule are to whom.
Thank you so much for the feedback ^^

Oh, yeah, I totally get where you’re comming from.
I guess I just had the naive hope that the title might double as the premise 😅

If it does get included in the tome, I’d be seriously tempted to find a way to ammend that sentence (or a shorter, similar version).


I'd assume your layout is already set up very well insofar as the white background should make it easy to fit the existing pages cleanly onto A5.
Still, I'm excited to see what changes you'll make for the version that makes it into the final book ^^

This is such a neat idea that I'd love it if the window(s)—maybe simplified/ammended by a table like you and DonnieDynamo discussed—actually came with this and future iterations of the Tiny Tome in the form of something like a dust jacket or a sturdy book mark.

Can't wait to see what overlaying this onto all the rules in the final book does to their playability ^^

I like to introduce and demo safety mechanics with relatively low stakes (e.g. X-ing a name, lining/veiling something everybody might automatically assume to be off-limits anyway, etc.) early in the games I play.

This game-tool-hybrid looks to be a smart and carefree way to get folks comfortable with using such mechanics to go deeper into the narrative, thereby experiencing that a story (and the fun you have telling/roleplaying it) can survive quite a bit of adaption (and might even become better for it) if you care to take into account the sensibilities of everyone participating.

Hm, yeah, you're right about right about all the other little minigames in bigger systems.
I guess it's just a matter of finding the right context to drop a lampshade interlude into ^^
Best of luck on your ongoing system subversion ;)

I guess Bat and Cat could photograph their respective halves, covering the other side with a bat-credit-card or some such implement.

Super elegant use of page real estate.

The art perfectly conveys the unease of the two characters’ arrangement and the interactions promise a deeply memorable experience 👍

Ah, gotcha! Yeah, one hack on it's own should surely fit  👍
May I ask which of the two you'd go for at this point?

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Out of everything in this jam this feels like the most well-rounded and complete package (especially with the snazy character generator) 👍

Thematically and gameplay-wise, it’s certainly not for everyone (although they still owe it to themselves to enjoy the art) but in my opinion that only makes it tick more for those left.

Can’t wait to get my regular TTRPG crew into this as soon as they’ve overindulged on 5e again ;)

What wonderful whit of whimsy ^^

I really want this to be included into the tome with other tools and ”playable commentaries on game design“ and at the same time can’t ever see myself getting to use it in my own games 😅

Bloody excellent, from art and layout to mechanics!

Can easily envision myself having fun with a whole group collectively building our poor monster and telling their story.

Hopefully parts 1 and 2 get accepted into the tome as the complete opus they constitute 🤞

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Without question the most visually striking entry into this jam.

I just can’t help but feel a little weepy for what’s been cut from the full version and hope that everybody reading these two pages in the printed tome finds their way to your page 🤞

I love how these instructions offer a second chance even to those wrapping scraps that don't survive the carefull removal of tape. Extra interesting when you consider how smaller kids might be less careful opening their presents and simultaneously promise to be the most willing participants in collaboratively creating (and maybe later devastating) the adventure landscape.

You could even incorporate the presents themselves and play a whole adventure with a separate system in there. Exquisite holiday fun ^^

What a fascinating tightrope walk between a game and actual self help/positivity exercises.

I wonder how one might turn this into a multiplayer experience for extra wholesomeness ^^

These look so fun!
I especially like having a sweet and short Mad Max system on just two pages.

That being said—even with the hacks being relatively concise, do you have any plans for how to make them legible when they are both squished together on two Din A5 pages?

What an absolute delight!

Gorgeous and approachable design (although I have to admit I don't quite get the kinks in the lines for prompts on the character sheet 😅).

The rules read in a way that clearly respect and cater to their younger audience but are still ”earnest“ enough to be used by players of any age and possibly in any setting.

I definitely see myself pulling this one out when trying to introduce friends who are new to roleplaying.


Beautiful layout and a mechanically fresh approach to a heavy subject matter.
Just reading the rules I got uncomfortable. (In a good way?)

There’s an interesting tug-of-war inside of me right now between questions like “What if I changed this rule to make that roll easier/harder?” or “How (if at all) might rules/settings etc. need to be modified to accomodate Cassandra being another gender?” and philosophical musings on how the exact rules as written might reflect and comment on the way rape is handled legally/privately/socially etc.

I’m not yet sure about how to introduce others to this game and what obstacles might arise when trying to play it respectfully and sensibly with mostly or exclusively men at the table, but I can already tell that this game will stay with me for a while.

(As a little aside, do you have thoughts on how this might play MC-less with a collaborative approach between more than two people?)

Excellent, that clears things up nicely!
Also, props on not only cleaning up the background but also removing the ink-hungry area in the middle.
I'm so eager to get to try this :)

I love the aesthetics of the rule book and am looking forward to trying this out with my RPG crew.

2 quick questions on the material:
1st, could you help me understand the 1:1 wagers for meddling gamblers and when betting on a wanderer's failure/success? If I win my bet, do I get back my initial stake in addition to the profit (i.e. I wager 2 coins, I win, I receive 4 coins in total)? Or are the wagers simply supposed to be the ‘entrance fee’ for meddling and a successful meddler gets to keep their money—i.e. offer 2 coins, succeed, get 2 coins back (in which case I still don't get why you'd additionally bet money on a wanderer's roll)?
2nd, would you consider adding print-friendly (black&white, without the paper texture) versions of the character and betting sheets to the downloads? I personally like to play digitally, but some of my friends prefer to keep track on paper.

Thanks in advance for your answer and for this beautiful game :)

I'm so happy to finally see this released :)
One quick question about the files we get with our purchase:
Could you please also offer direct downloads of the executables for the different platforms? I'm not sure what exactly the problem is right now, but as is, I cannot install/launch picoCAD through the itch launcher.

Best of luck ^^

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Mild spoiler
Slightly more explicit spoiler

(Sorry for the unusual formatting using hyperlinks. I still haven't found out how to use actual spoiler tags here on itch  😅)

I am encountering the same problem on a 2018 MBP running Big Sur, having launched the game through the official itch app.

This is what the main menu looks like for me:

No worries, plays like a charm on OSX.
(At least as far as the enemies let me survive 😭)