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#3Forged A storytelling game about playing a game
Submitted by mags, gray
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
How clear & compelling is the game's central idea?#84.1674.167
How cohesively designed do you think the game is overall?#103.5003.500
How elegant, useful, and intuitive are the game's mechanics?#153.1673.167

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • How clear & compelling is the game's central idea? I had a difficult time connecting into the central idea, though I feel it was presented clearly How elegant, useful, and intuitive are the game's mechanics? the mechanics clearly lay out what you will be doing in the game, while providing a solid framework in which to do it. How cohesively designed do you think the game is overall? the whole game feels to tie together well, connecting the various levels and phases well.
  • Playing people playing a game is a lovely theme, and this game gets that along wonderfully. I would have loved more examples on the different sorts of games and roles, but also understand that could have cluttered things a little bit. The only real weakness of this game was the speed at which it blew through mechanical sections. The game could have taken much longer explaining what a clock is, or preparing you that the rolls where going to end by determining a dominant color. It relied a lot on the reader already being familiar with terminology and styles for communicating mechanics. But all together a good take on the game within the game!
  • One of two games submitted to this jam that add a "third" layer to the typical ttrpg formula! I thought this was a very fun take on the "game within a game" idea, and had some really useful tools for simulating that bottom-most layer without getting granular. I especially like the "meta-roles" for those characters, and the focus on how that game would make the "middle" level characters feel. And the epilogue guidelines for exiting the games one by one I thought was a nice ritual as well!

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I love the different levels of play, but it seems like only the Tavern level has game mechanisms around it.  

It would have been cool to see the Game level also represented with stakes and some sort of resolution system similar to the dice and clocks used for the Tavern level.


Much as we set a price on this one, we did make community copies available to download. Please do not hesitate to avail yourself of them!