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Welcome to the Three Forge! This jam harkens back to the Three Forged RPG Design Challenge of yesteryear (run by Paul Czege) - we (the community at OMGAM) thought it would be awesome to bring it to a new audience on itch!


Round 1: For this jam, you will be collaborating with two other people, anonymously! First, you design the core of a game, not much more than 1000 words maximum by November 10th. Then, you'll send those to me (as a txt file or google document) at (Wordcounts are all suggestions, not requirements!)

Round 2:  On November 11th, I send out the core game files as .txts (scrubbed of any identifying information) to other submitters. You have until November 30th to edit and add to the game, up to around 2500-3000 words total. You're free to cut and add as you please, in the service of what you believe to be the core conceit of the game.  When you're finished, email the new file to me.

Round 3: For the final round, the games go out to a new collaborator one more time (on December 1st). Since this is the final round, the goal is to make playable and finalize the game. We suggest a wordcount of approx. 4000-5000. The deadline for the final game is December 20th! When you're ready to submit your final game, submit it to the jam and I'll let you know who your collaborators were! This final submission (to the jam) should still be in .txt form (to make it easily distributable to your collaborators and also to reduce stress! Don't worry about layout or etc!). After the jam, I'll be making each .txt file available so that everyone can see the evolution of the games over time (and so collaborators can use their work!). EDIT: the jam is over! And here are the files!


Finally, after everything's back and entered, everyone will be given a handful of games they did not work on to review and rank. Please provide your judges with copies of your final submissions! I (and anyone else interested in being on a panel of impartial judges!) will review and highlight top scoring entries.


Please note that all works submitted are licensed under CC-BY for the duration of the competition to facilitate working together. Your collaborators will have to be able to iterate on your work! Further iterations are of course free to be licensed as you choose. Do not submit anything to this jam that you'd like to be purely your own.


  • Hate speech of any kind is not permitted! Don’t use, promote, or normalize language that intends or perpetuates harm around the rights and respect of physical and mental ability as well as racial, cultural, national, gender, and sexual backgrounds. 
  • This is a tabletop game jam! Video game submissions, while cool, will be removed.
  • You can add your collaborators as admins to your games by going to Dashboard -> Edit Game -> More -> Admins.


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a tarot-driven game of day-to-day happenings in a very unusual coffee shop
Love letters across time and space
Procedural dungeon delving tabletop RPG using a Tarot deck
A ThreeForged RPG about a group of performers traveling the world and getting involved in local troubles.
A game about superheroes with powers tied to the oaths they swear.
A game about healing through the power of friendship, service, and other magics.
A narrative roleplaying game played using dominos.
#3Forged You must depend on them, as much as they depend on you, if you are to accomplish your mission here.
A Threeforged TTRPG of untethered shadows seeking The Place Where The Sun Dies
#3Forged Play the last of the Unseelie Court, beholden to your Monarch
A Three-Forged Gam Jam Project
Storytelling framework to add depth to micro-RPGs
A Three Forged Game about dreams and what you make of them
#3Forged A storytelling game about playing a game
#ThreeForgedJam project
An RPG about ghosts hunting ghosts