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#3Forged Play the last of the Unseelie Court, beholden to your Monarch
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
How clear & compelling is the game's central idea?#94.0004.000
How elegant, useful, and intuitive are the game's mechanics?#103.5003.500
How cohesively designed do you think the game is overall?#103.5003.500

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

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  • The game appears dedicated to the sublime whimsy and subtle jibes of the Fae, especially present in my favorite mechanic: Turning the pages of the rules into a literal crown worn by it's GM figure, the Unseelie Monarch. Unfortunately it is this narrative support and demand to not reference the rules of the games that hold it back, as each part of the game includes a small twist (such as 3s being wild in the psuedo poker hands created by the dice). Living in the lingeage of "Secrets and Powers", the theivery aspect of this dinner party LARP is a lovely standout. I especially like the glory penalty for both those who steal, and those who would report on their fellow Fae. I did have trouble seeing how the glory economy should truly work, and found the permanent banishment of players out of a full half of the game to be disappointing.
  • I really love the idea of larping/playing/eating in fae court! Playing a scheming fairy aristocrat at dinner sounds like an absolute blast. There are some things that threw me out of the game a little bit - for example, it makes thematic sense to be worried that other fae would like to steal my secrets or valuables (like dice, hah), but thinking about how that would actually play out didn't feel great to me. I really really like the secret rolling, challenging, and general mechanical/thematic overlap, though! There's a lot here that's very fun.

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I like the suggestion of the dinner party with rotating hosts!


My reaction to this game was to feel some tension between the suggestion to take it in a LARPy direction and the way the mechanics feel more like a sit-around-a-table kind of game. But things like the pettiness of stealing a die from someone else to use on your roll seem like they are very evocative of the theme the game is going for, so I like that.