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A downloadable game.
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Joan updated a game 271 days ago
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A downloadable game.
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Sihiduba published a game 1 year ago
A downloadable game for Windows and macOS.
This game is very early in development, and I'm still learning a lot about these different applications, coding, and design in general. But I hope you enjoy it for what it is. This queer, indigenous developer did all they could in a short t...
A downloadable game.
Take on the role of the magical girl or the villains in this 1-v-1 card game! Art of villains and magical girls by Sarah / XenobladeFanatic. Art of allies from stock photo website, gotten by Vorin Dornan. Art of monsters, card designs, writ...
Joan published a game 1 year ago
A downloadable game.
It’s modern-day, modern year. You live in a small urban neighborhood that’s seen better days, and you and your neighbors want to work together to revitalize it. But something is threatening your neighborhood, and you all have to work to...