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Welcome to the Palah Light Lab Game Jam! This is a two-week-long themed game jam for new and experienced creators alike. Our focus is on a feminist and queer-centered approach to games, and we welcome all game designers and creators with like minds to join us!

The theme will be announced on 1 August at 12:00 est, and you'll have two weeks to work on a game based on said theme. Here are the rules:

Who can enter? Anybody. You can work solo or in teams, up to you!

What can I make my game in? Anything. Video games, card games, board games - it's all up for grabs!

Any rules? Yes:

* Create whatever inspires you using the theme "Home" as a focal point!

* Games submitted must not contain hate speech or any elements of hate, prejudice, etc.

* Buggy / incomplete games are OK! Be sure to mention that in your submission. Try to have some kind of prototype to show by the end of the jam though.

* In the spirit of other game jams, you cannot use a game you've already created. Everything must be created during the time frame of the game jam.

* Using assets that are not your own is OK! Be sure to properly credit people. * Anything you make during The Palah Light Lab Game Jam is your property! We claim no rights/ownership of your game. Keep in mind that if you're using any assets that are not your own, you need to follow their licensing rules.

We look forward to seeing what you create! Have fun! 

More info on Palah 파랗 Light Lab:

Palah 파랗 Light Lab is a creative and critical space that fosters poetry, participation, and pedagogy through technology and equity. As a knowledge-design, new media, and poetry lab, the Palah Light Lab investigates critical questions in cultural criticism along with the networked arts and humanities. Utilizing a feminist and queer-centered approach, we are interested in design anchored in the humanities and scholarship informed by transdisciplinary practices and technology. Palah Light Lab centers the question of equity at the forefront of our work, and we seek to creatively and critically engage new media in experimental ways that address pressing social issues and injustices. Based out of the University of Buffalo Department of Media Study, Palah Light Lab is funded by SUNY Diversity Faculty Fellowship and led by Dr. Margaret Rhee. The lab is co-led by Associate Director Dr. Cody Mejeur, and Members Andrea Pagan (DMS), Blair Johnson (English), and Awa Sow (DMS). The lab promotes feminist creativity, mentorship, and collaboration through a creative space.


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A hopepunk-themed Lasers and Feelings hack for 2-5 players
A little crocodile is far from home.