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Submission question

A topic by ilbarbogio created Apr 04, 2021 Views: 124 Replies: 4
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Hello there,

I have a small question: I submitted in time for the first deadline, but the extension gave me the opportunity to add a second chapter (already planned and scrapped beacause I was running short). It's a html game, and I was wondering: when I update my game through the itch dashboard, will the submission be updated as well? Or will itch in some way retain the version I linked when submitting? I posted the game on my account and the used "submit and existing game", or something like that, if that changes something.

Probably a silly question but I found only jam-specific answer (not for this jam, obv)



The submission is open to be updated throughout the period. The only thing you need to consider is compatibility for new versions and existing save files.

Don't rename variables or take things away once a game is started.

Judges judge on the version of the game that is most recent when they start playing.


The submission merely points to your game page, so if you replaced the original file with the new one, anyone that plays the game will get the latest version. If it's been cached by the browser, I think they may get the old version, depending on the browser's caching strategy.


Thank you all for the replies. The addition should not conflit with old content, it'll be playable as a "second day" of adventures. The cache problem is out of my hands, but the clarification about the linking process is exactly what I was searching for.

I've been testing your game and have an extensive test report that I'll send you on the Discord server.