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Retrieve food for your ant colony while fighting off creatures with your ant army
Submitted by E.E-Wick (@EEWick1) — 8 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline
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This is very amazing and cool

Jam HostSubmitted(+2)

I'm honestly amazed by the fact you were able to make this in a month time. 

Multiple enemies, sound effects, music, aesthetically matching Sokpop perfectly.


Well done you just keep growing in talent!


It's wild how much you were able to accomplish in a month! The fact that you managed to make this big a world and include four unique enemies is honestly kind of bonkers. I think this is probably the most ambitious effort in the jam.

My favourite thing about this game is a tiny detail -- it feels great to call your ants. The little trumpet area of effect, the instant response... it just feels good to do. And since it's one of the things you do over and over, it's really great that it works as well as it does.

As a tiny critique, it would have been nice to have the ants move a little closer to your walking speed? The game suffers a touch from the classic NPC-that-can't-match-your-run-speed syndrome. But I read your pathfinding comment down below, so it's hard to fault you for slowdowns from this since it wasn't your intended mechanic. My only other issue was a softlock on the queen fight, but I saw that as a bonus surprise anyway -- so no harm no foul.

All, in all, this is super impressive. Lots of nice little touches here that make the game come together and feel fun and engaging the whole way through. Great effort -- thanks for the fun. :)


GREAT GAME!!! You put so much love and care into it and it shows! All the little details come together to make a phenomenal game, great job!


GREAT GAME!!! You put so much love and care into it and it shows! All the little details come together to make a phenomenal game, great job!


Very cool and well polished! I loved all the little touches like the different weapons and the various enemies. The idea of moving the camera with the scroll wheel was super cool, I have never seen that, although I found I did not use it. My only complaint is that it felt a little tedious walking back and forth to your base collecting resources. Towards the end, I just ignored gathering more food and had more fun. Maybe this part could be automated at the cost of not having as big of an ant army for a little bit but still allowing you to explore.


I was originally going to have the ants go back to the anthill on their own, like in Pikmin. But I didn't really feel like I had the time to make a proper pathfinding system, so I just decided to have them follow you. The ants can move quite fast when you put extra ants on the item they're carrying (even if the item has a weight of 5 you can keep putting more on to make them go faster), but I agree that it still is quite tedious.

Also, if you get all of the food you fight the boss at the end (if you didn't know).


Ah true, I did not think about the pathfinding part. Yeah, I fought the boss with like 100 ants haha. I meant the food to get more ants.