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Thanks :) yep I’m a big pikmin fan

Thanks :)

Visually I remember I was inspired by the game Demonlocke by Heartbeast, for this game. For some of my other games, I took inspiration from Sokpop Collective and their wide selection of games.

Thanks! I don't think it can run in fullscreen mode, the remake that I'm working on now definitely will though!

Yes this game does work for 32 bits, unless my computer is lying to me.

There should be no more false positive virus messages now hopefully. But if you still happen to get one let me know.

I’m certain it’s just a false positive, but I’ll look into why this is happening and fix it so that message will stop coming up hopefully.

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I can assure you that the game isn’t a virus, it’s just a false positive. But I will look into this to try to fix this so people don’t have to worry about this.

Thank you :) I’m glad you thought my game was the best.

Thank you!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it. 

I've been thinking about making a sequel at some point since there's a lot I think I could improve on :)

Thanks for reporting this bug

If you play the game offline, you should notice the cat has new dialogue. If you then reconnect to your WiFi, the next enemy you kill will have your WiFi.

This game was meant to be a game you would play if you didn’t have internet, so it’s assuming if your offline you’re waiting to get your connection back.

There is a boss you can fight but it keeps going after that, this is simply just meant to be an endless game.

I appreciate the critique.

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EDIT: As of the 1.2 update particles should now be fine and not cause performance issues.

Sorry for the lag, although it's a bit lame you can turn particles off in the options menu. Particles seem to be the main cause of lag.

I was also going to upload a downloadable Windows version today which shouldn't have any performance issues at all.

Thanks :), I've been working on a sequel recently.

Glad to hear that :)

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Thanks I’m glad you’re enjoying it :)

Sorry it crashed though, it probably is something to do with recording I’d guess since I don’t think anyone else has had that issue. But the game also isn't the best in terms of performance since it is a fairly large world and lots of things need to be active all the time. 

Hope everything goes well! But if you can't solve the problem I'd just recommend playing Pikmin honestly (or pet  pursuit, one of my best games)

Really nice game, I was able to find all the mushrooms quite easily which is probably a good thing since everything is procedurally generated. I liked that there were sticks and swords to fight with, but my only complaint is that combat was a bit clunky and attacking felt too slow.  Finding my way back home was also quite easy I think, which is also good.

I was originally going to have the ants go back to the anthill on their own, like in Pikmin. But I didn't really feel like I had the time to make a proper pathfinding system, so I just decided to have them follow you. The ants can move quite fast when you put extra ants on the item they're carrying (even if the item has a weight of 5 you can keep putting more on to make them go faster), but I agree that it still is quite tedious.

Also, if you get all of the food you fight the boss at the end (if you didn't know).


Glad you noticed the Star Wars reference, I actually wrote that line on Star Wars day too :)

Very entertaining and enjoyable. So glad I didn't frogget.

Thanks I'm glad you liked it! With the knight character I mainly tried to make him so pathetic that you almost just felt bad for him. The purpose of his lies were mostly him just covering up the mundane parts of the journey so he could look cooler.

Thanks! Glad you liked the story.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the humor. I originally did have the dialogue progress in game but I found that it was a bit hard to read the dialogue and play at the same time, so I decided it would’ve been best just to have it at the end of each room where you can take as much time reading it as you want.

Thanks! My first time making a dialogue heavy game and I'm pretty proud of it. There were two reasons I decided to make the player invincible, one was to make it so that everyone could get to the next dialogue as fast as possible.  And to also make everything in the dungeon seem extremely weak, but I understand why you felt the opposite where it made the knight actually feel strong in comparison.

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Thanks, but no Rick roll for you today >:)

Keep up the great work

Yes, copyright shouldn't be an issue at all.

Yeah sure!

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If you wanted to challenge yourself you can try to beat my time!

Thanks for being so in-depth. The issue with the boss not being there was an issue with the save system I didn’t have time to fix that happens on every other time you load up the game. Also I think the controller controls probably either felt good or bad depending on what type of controller you decided to use, I definitely should have tried to make them at least a bit better in general, especially the back shoulders for switching items consistently I was a bit too lazy to fix. 

I agree that the final boss was probably pretty hard to find, I think I tried to make the room a bit obvious for a Metroidvania since you need the paws and the sword to get to the boss there. It may have just been that I drew out my own map to plan out the rooms that it wasn’t hard for me to find it.

Thanks for the advice. I'm actually creating stuff right now for my future games to have more accessibility options because of stuff like this :) . Sorry the screenshake was too much for you, and also yes there definitely were a couple sounds in particular I should've adjusted the volume on.