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Submitted by Inverse Ontology (@inverseontology) — 3 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
BEST GAME#392.8283.000
SCARIEST GAME#422.2392.375

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Jam Host

A survival shooter is definitely something I haven't seen submitted to this jam before, which is great! I absolutely love the touch of voice acting to add a bit of flavor and story into the mix. The action itself is good and there's enough weapons and atmospheric effects to add a little variety. Folks have already posted fantastic feedback here which is great - I don't have too much to add! I'd love to see what more time and polish could give to a game that is on such good footing as this. 

Thanks for submitting Dead Behind to the SCREAM MACHINE game jam!



Thanks for the feedback! Glad to have contributed something novel :)   I'm also excited to see where this game could go forward. Had a lot of fun participating, A+ would jam again :D


I love the last stand set up going on here. The shooting was satisfying, and I appreciated having a weapon selection, which might not've been the case for a jam game. I wasn't sure how to use the grenades, though. The difficulty ramped up super slow, I was often just waiting around for something to get in my eyeline for murderin'. I'm not sure if they  maybe were getting stuck somewhere on the level geometry, because it sounded like they were all over the place. But the difficulty definitely ramped up once my ammo started running out. On the subject, it would've been nice to know how much ammo I had, but you may have been going for a more realistic feel to the game.



Thanks for playing! Really appreciate the feedback! I think most of the issues was from the game being non-optimized, the lack of ramp-up in difficulty was because of the game lagging  I believe. Thanks again!



That was cool.  Best I could do is around 4 minutes. 

Please  take the following as constructive and positive feedback. I loved the rain effects, although having a few different shapes for the droplets could have been cool.  But nice effect anyway.  The HUD could have done with a crosshair and an ammo count.  Had no idea how far away from empty I was, and since the reload speed is quite slow, I got caught with an empty clip.  Knowing how many bullet I had left would help me to strategically choose when to reload.  I liked the red Halo in the distance.  It got dark real quick, which made it much harder to see enemies approaching.  Good design choice.  The shotgun's bullet holes lasted too long before being destroyed, so I often had bullet holes in thin air blocking my view.  This was amazing for a Jam game.  Side note...600mb download was torture for someone with South African slow internet.

Great Job y'all 



Thank you so much for playing and for your fantastic feedback!  Having no crosshair or other UI was a deliberate choice to provoke that feeling of uncertainty regarding reload. Unfortunately there was no time to make proper impact effects this round, so that's definitely something that will be improved in future releases.

Thanks again for playing and sorry about the large download size! :)