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Inverse Ontology

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Thank you so much for playing! I'm hard at work prepping Dead Behind as a proper release with more levels, better performance, a thousand bug fixes and more fun :) Can't wait to show it to you!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :) You held out for a long time in that video :)

Hi! Thank you for playing and the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it. There are updates coming soon that will address some issues and the game will continue to grow from here.

Looking at your stream, you might like another game I have (very different from this, but more complete) too:

Thanks for playing :)


Just released the early access PC version for ENCYCLE here on   In the "Rewards" section there are a couple of free version left to claim for those interested in checking it out and giving some feedback!

ENCYCLEis a puzzle platforming game where you navigate through the use of gravitational pull from heavy shapes of sacred geometry that pull towards them anything, light, matter music ...


  • Unique visual and sound design.
  • Challenging and interesting levels!
  • A laid-back atmosphere.
  • Phat Beatz

Follow on twitter.

No problemo, makes sense if it is too far from your central theme. Best of luck with the jam :)

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! 

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to have contributed something novel :)   I'm also excited to see where this game could go forward. Had a lot of fun participating, A+ would jam again :D


Really impressive game! I would like to talk to you a bit more about it, reach out on discord ( or on twitter .


Thanks for playing! Really appreciate the feedback! I think most of the issues was from the game being non-optimized, the lack of ramp-up in difficulty was because of the game lagging  I believe. Thanks again!

Thanks for playing guys! Fun to watch :)

Nice job man! What's your plans for this game?

Really cool to see something using a doom engine, nice work!


Thank you so much for playing and for your fantastic feedback!  Having no crosshair or other UI was a deliberate choice to provoke that feeling of uncertainty regarding reload. Unfortunately there was no time to make proper impact effects this round, so that's definitely something that will be improved in future releases.

Thanks again for playing and sorry about the large download size! :)

More rain == More horror :D


I am looking for some feedback for the page I made for this game  what do you think works about it? Feedback on the game is also welcome!


Fun! What framework did you use for the engine?

As a lover of the old top-down GTA i really liked this :) Also very good effort with making menu, tutorial etc, made it feel like a good demo!


Inverse Ontology is a young game development studio, but we’re set on making quality games that focus on fun, depth and unique universes.

If you are a student of game development either at a school or by yourself and want to gain real-world experience working on the production of games in a start-up studio then please use the contact form to get in touch.

Applicants must know some

  • Unity 3D

And have an interest in one or more of the following:

  • C# and game programming
  • 3D Animation and rigging
  • 3D Environmental design
  • Level Design

You will be assisting with:

  • Production related tasks
  • Design related tasks
  • General day-to-day goings on.

You can apply either directly here  or via

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ENCIRCLE is a puzzle 2d platformer,  with interesting visuals and mechanics and a unique approach to sound design.

I am releasing a "preview" level from my game ENCIRCLE. This has been in the drawers for a while and I think its starting to find some fun. Play in the browser and let me know what you think!



Hold the left mouse button to charge your jump, execute the jump upon release.

- Gather enough points and hold the right mouse button down to trigger a slowdown, handy for tricky jumps.


This is a preview/alpha, so there are bugs.

Let me know what you think! Follow me on Twitter for more gamedev updates on this and other projects.

In THE STRANGEHOOD the player traverses a psychedelic landscape and solves puzzles.

You can play it here:

. The main puzzle is solvable but there are several glitches with terrain and a certain object so YMMV,

***New in Alpha 6***

  • Full mouse look
  • New interactions
  • Fully solvable main puzzle.

***known bugs***

  • Graphics assets are for the most part placeholder / programmer-art at the moment
  • Day/night is very sensitive for detecting if it should be night or day and the transition is not smooth.
  • The terrain mesh and texture has bad geometry.
  • Water looks bad and you fall right through it.
  • Some floating trees and shrubbery.
  • The Mysterious Orb might fall in the water.
  • Scale is weird at times

Let me know what you think so far!