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The Returners rose from the cracks in the earth...
Submitted by Kansas Beach Patrol โ€” 1 hour, 37 minutes before the deadline
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BEST GAME (HOST'S CHOICE)#152.8892.889
SCARIEST GAME#232.5562.556
BEST GAME (GENERAL)#293.1113.111

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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You achieve the gameboy style and limitations very well! I liked the atmosphere very much. Good job!


I really like the atmosphere/style of this game, but I didn't play enough to finish it. I found there to be too much running around between screens after dying before getting into the meat of it. And the one time I was doing well, I ran into a glitch (I assume) at one point, where I just abruptly teleported back to the lever to open the door. When I went to the left (the only available exit) a monster was blocking the path. I used a flash, but it never dissipated, even when I tried returning to the lever screen and coming back again. 

Anyway, a good game for someone better at games than me.


I like that you have a split second to react, it really makes it scary.

I tried a few times but couldn't beat it.

I'm amazed you got it working a a ROM and on the phone. I would love to know what you are using.

Developer (1 edit)

I used GB Studio. You can make some basic top-down games with it. It's pretty nice, but it has it's limitations. Due to some of these limitations, I wasn't able to get the enemies to disappear right away when you use the flares, which was a disappointing bug that I couldn't hammer out in time. If you use the flares in the same room as an enemy, the enemy "dies" but the sprite remains on screen until you walk over a tile or two. I'm sure there is a fix for it, but in all honesty, I got started on the project later than I had planned due to starting my new job and wasn't able to work that out in time for the deadline.


Honestly this would of been something I would of loved to play on my gameboy growing up, its simple and really nice to look at aesthetically, the eerie sound bits were a really fun additional touch too. It almost really reminds me of games like Galaga where your clearing levels or going through a maze, the Returners really got me though, those suckers are FAST! <3


It took me a bit to figure out the controls, posting them would have made my time with the game a little easier. 


My apologies, I had that in the description at first and I think I accidentally pasted over it. Controls are back in the description now. Thank you for letting me know!