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A topic by M.A. GUAX created Mar 11, 2021 Views: 433 Replies: 1
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Here you can share resources to make your entries cooler.
I'll start with some stuff I find great.

Tools and Tips:

  • How to make cool TTRPG pamphlets by Gontijo is a pamphlet that shows and tells nice ways to make your material look amazing.
  • Layout and Grid by Clayton Notestine is a must-read about using grid to your layout focusing on the TTRPG view. Truly I cannot recommend this enough.
  • Type Scale is a great tool to set hierarchy on your texts.
  • Font Pair is a great way to see some font combinations and chose one for your project if you're insecure about fooling around letters.
  • Safe Color is useful if you use a tool that doesn't support CMYK and you want to make the printed and digital versions looking almost the same.
  • Figma is a tool for UX and UI prototyping but is great for real time collaborative layout and is a great free tool all around (what I personally use for my games).
  • Gimp is a classic, great tool for image manipulation, a bit hard on the learning curve.
  • Krita is my favorite tool for drawing and feels very similar to photoshop regarding drawing, but free!
  • Fontjoy is a tool that Prosaiko showed me some time ago and its great for testing font pairing, and also is addictive to play with it.
  • Hemingway Editor is a editor for text in English and if like me that's not your first language, amigo... this here, this is golden.

Images and Fonts:

  • Old Book Illustrations is a curated collection of.. well old book illustrations. All are in public domain and are great if you're going for that old school vibe.
  • Unsplash has a great collection of photos free to use, if you ask me using photos in TTPG is pretty underrated.
  • Raw Pixel is amazing because of this public domain artists page, making a game based on an artist that inspires you is so cool.
  • Flicker feels like thrift shopping, can be an efford but sure is worth it. Im linking a search I made about doors with some filters to get some old stuff I could use. Just change the search word and you will get some nice stuff.
  • Fontesk is the coolest site to get some custom fonts free for commercial use for your project.
  • Google Fonts, won't elaborate.
  • 1001 Fonts another great website to search free for commercial use fonts.


  • Modelo simples para panfletos de aventura by Bruno Prosaiko, one of the best pamphlet templates for people that don't know nothing about layout, just simple, great and made by one of the organizers of the Jam!
  • PocketMod Figma Template by @cosmogorynych the best template for PocketMod that I've used in my life and of course is for my beloved Figma.
  • EZM by @alienmelon, what I think is the coolest tool for making zines, not even a joke this is pretty cool you should check out.
  • Mockup Design is jut a ton of mockups to make your zine look sexy.

Fell free to do more recommendations and ask questions about design here, and please link more templates for different kinds of publication!


Gems and Dicier are both super cool fonts for dice icons!