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Nice! I might take a bit of time to make the layout because I got some deadlines on layout for February, but very soon I will post the Spanish version!

Of course, you can send me a doc on drive and I fit the layout on the zine.
You can also distribute the spanish version if you want and hack the game as you would like.


How the frame looks when decorated

Po se rolar a versão lite eu pego pra fazer layout sim!
Como tenho que planejar certinho a quantidade de páginas fico no aguardo.

Layout is finished! Very soon I will publish some mockups for the final book

Layout is 90% done, next week I will be expended on the cover alone.
Finishing the proofreading version, so no mistakes pass to the final product.

Lucas will be able to answer you better, but Soulmuppet publishing will release a physical version of the book.
Whoever supports the itch funding will receive a discount coupon for the book, but I'm not 100% sure on how this will work.

Soon, Lucas will explain it with detail.

Some previews of the new layout!

MiniBX community · Created a new topic Layout Update!

Hi its Guax the layout artist for the game!
As some of you may know, I faced some technical problems and my SSD died last Friday. But no worries, *I may have lost all the progress on the game layout*. But using some smart layout techniques, focusing on content display, and ADHD meds I am already on the same point that I was before the catastrophe.

So the game is now with a much classier and consistent layout, but it will be different from the older previews.

Curti muito, o que me afasta muito do Tagmar hj em dia é o quão pesado e difícil de ler ele é. Deu vontade de fazer um layout pra imprimir em zine a5 caseira.

Muito irado, eu quero testar esse ai porque tenho um certo saudosismo de tagmar 2

I did already some changes in the manual text and I'm planning to update soon the archive together with the spreads version.
But some are just to keep some rules more clear, the biggest change is rebalancing the ranged weapon cost (is going to get cheaper) for the first free expansion pack I'm working that adds weapon customization.

Some other cool stuff I'm making for the customization expansion is:
- Falling damage;
- Poison and Bleed token and effects;
- Weapon customization;
- New Spells;
- High ground and plunging attacks;
- Different mini size upgrades (this one may be left out to a future expansion).

That also means that the recommended band punctuation may increase. Probably will go to 200 - 250 and a high end around 350. Weapon upgrades do cost a lot, but change a lot on the flow of the game.

I will post here ideas and mechanics as I create and test, also some updates.
Not quite a change log, these will happen with itch proper tool for it.

Thanks for your comment!

First of all all questions answers will be added in the next update of the manual and the typos you can post them here and I will fix it up as soon as I can.

Here we go:

1. You may do one action per activation.

2. Melee range is touching bases.

3. Activation is alternated, so when all units are activated the turn ends. You can place an activation token right next to the activated unit for mark it. (Soon we will make some printable ones!)

4. Attacking is like an action... Yes, actually that is an easier way to explain an activation. You do an move and a action.

5. Adjacent can be read as base-to-base.

6. Morale checks happen each end of a round if the leader or half the warband died. After one of this triggers happen a player must do a morale check each end of turn.

7. I think a small area like 75cm x 75cm with a lot of terrain seems ideal. But you can play on smaller area if the minis can climb it easily. In a near future we will make falling damage rules for games of knocking your minis around.

8. Not yet... But of the inclination seen like gives a nice advantage to the attacker you can give them +2 on the attack roll as a homebrew if both players agree. But also, in a near future we want to release a second playbook with some more conditions, like height, falling damage, difficult terrain and some mission objectives!

HIT & DIE community · Created a new topic Custom Content

Post your custom content for the game here!

Hey folks, as you all might know, we don't know WTF we are doing, so send your feedback here, and we can balance this game over time.

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Hey people, if you are still looking for games to hack or create content for rpg latam jam 2022, I've made all my systems on itch free and all of them are available for creation of commercial use! Here are the links and a quick brief of them: Mínimo is a generic system based of fate where you use fudge dice. It was my first game and still a very accessible one. Fingertips is an experimental diceless game where you play as magic girls and the dm is a active character that acts as a toxic authority and a mentor. It uses the players hand as a resource for casting spells and winning narrative bets. Backpack & Dream is a resource management and exploration ruleset focused on being more of a toolset than providing a guided experience. BxKid is a hack of minibx by Lucas Rolim. In this game you play as kids pretending to be larping. Its very meta and very self conscious. It has some 4th wall breaking mechanics and it was released during last year jam!

Because of international exchange stuff I can only sell it by paypal

Yeah, its the only way to set up free copies, but you can get Spiral digital version at Lucas Rolim Itch Store:

Oh its MARVELOS and here it is:

Oh its Marvelous, also free for commercial use

Syno Mono is the name of the font, it is free for commercial use

No matter if you keep it to your self or drop it in front of the players.
They should be scared the shit out of this place.

Payment problem has been fixed.

You can try to turn off all auto layout and resize everything by hand, after it just turn on auto layout.

But I don't recommend using small resolution because will make it not be very readable when printed. The size of the template should be something around 300dpi in the size of a standard card.

Also, another option is converting the image to SVG if possible.

Is the least I could do!
Also seems cool to show this stuff to friends and ask them to guess which one you wrote.

I'd love! I also use it for spells when I'm playing mage in TTRPG

With Figma!
Just drag the file in inside the software and you should be ready to go.

Here is the link for it:

Actually most of the playtests were made with teens and kids and their professors.
You're spot on.

loved it already

gimme that sweet photo!

The art I used for the pamphlet I got on
But they are all public domain, Gontijo curates a lot of public domain art, he should know exactly where these are from!

Todd is truly a peculiar person. He has about 20 or so very loyal friends, his teeth.
Besides that, he is not much of a talker.