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Submitted by minego with 1 day, 10 hours before the deadline

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When was this project originally started? (Year; Optional)

What was the original vision of your game project and how it turned out now once you resurrected it? (Optional)
The end goal of the project didn't change, but I used this game jam as a way to get myself excited about the game again and to force myself to do a bit of polish and get it in a state I felt comfortable publishing it.

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Superb idea, and it works really well! Congrats on finishing it!


Please help. I'm stuck in the level "Jerk", I don't manage to move anything. Also, the reset button seems a little buggy.


That level can be a bit tricky. I may try to simplify it a bit...

What is the reset button doing that feels buggy?


The game displayed strangely but I can't reproduce the bug anymore.


I'll try to reproduce it tonight. If you are able to do it again please let me know. It would be very helpful if you can find steps to make it happen.

Submitted (1 edit)

It's happening again


Oh interesting, I have a theory... I'll try to get a fix in tonight.


Not very problematic though, since you can always reload the level from the menu


This game is very good. Though it looks pretty simplistic it has very good physics simulations. Planets even affect each other.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

I love everything about your game ! The idea of making a game using space physics could easily leads to something obscure, but you made it all simple and playful. Every detail works well and made the experience really enjoyable. It is a small and common thing, but I really liked the text that happens when a planet explodes. The step by step progression is also really comfortable. I will certainly come back to finish the other levels, there is so much of them !

Thank you for the work you did.


ok you sold this game to me