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brb-means be right back, smth-something ,thx-thanks and?

its the afterburner nitro that makes it possible to control the car go faster

Well this is it folks no 3rd parts for anything good have ever come out.

Best love story since twilight!

Created a new topic Bugs and whatever.

Posting stuff thats not supposed to be like it is to help the dev make progress without spamming the comment section(Im sorry senpai).

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How are you doing?

I was just messing around without reading the controls so i just pressed every button i found those and the ones mentioned in the description.

z teleports all cars to the same place and x resets car conditions

To be honest i was just joking around. I'm not mad at the slightest and dont expect you to be. I actually own the game so your joke doesnt really work here. With best regards, me.

Why yes sir, clickbait IS my middle name.....

There is literaly a bridge in the basic craft bench menu.

I really didnt expect what i saw when it zoomed out the last time.

I will!

But its sad that 8mm doesnt get a sequel, becouse i got really attached to the game and the characters.

Keep on being awesome.

I started playing it as an arcade shooter. Some time later i realised that story is much deeper then first thought and i want more.

If it was also 32 bit....

What a devious human!

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Right into feels.....right into tears....