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My game so far and how I am approaching the theme

A topic by Tartle Games created Oct 23, 2017 Views: 136 Replies: 4
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Here is a screen capture of one of the scenes in my game. What I am attempting is an exploration game where you go through different rooms in my grandparents' home and click things to get my memories. As you can see, it is very simple as far as a game goes. There are a few screens not pictured that introduce a story and a motive for exploring the rooms. You are looking for something.

Making the art for the game has me trying to remember where things were and what they looked like in their home. I have been remembering details I had forgotten up until now. The sketches are not perfect, but I am doing the best I can.

I hope seeing this helps spark an idea with someone else. I was struggling to come up with an idea for the theme at first, but now that I have started this I am pretty happy with how it is developing.


Looks great so far!


I love it!


Very nice! I so often overthink my ideas, so it's nice to see a simple concept and an endearing art style going a long way here!


I had to think about not over-thinking with this game, if that makes any sense. I kept feeling like I needed to add something or make it more complex and I had to restrain that urge.