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Thank you so much that means a lot!

Thank you so much

Thanks :)

Thank you!

thank you so much!

That means a lot thank you 

can I ask how you did the shader?

delightful thank you!

Thank you lovely person!

It was made in Unity! Otherwise the texts are all mine :)

most of them are XIXth century European artists : Odilon Redon, Egon Schiele, and a few weird photographs from that period. Thanks for your interest and the video :)


You could check out Sunrise, my other game (on my itch page), which is sort of a creative sequel to Choke, although with a very different mood 

Nice video by the way!


Hey thanks!

I love it!

Very nice video thank you!


You really made me laugh with this one !


I do have something cooking but it's gonna take some time !

Cool video! You definitely got the narrative right =)

Thanks for this video ! It's so wonderful to so all you guys playing my game =)

Nice video man !

Yes it's more a creepy atmospheric game than horror you're right, but I like that place in between. Thanks for playing and the feeedback ! Keep it up =)

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Sorry I can't see your picture (I'm assuming it's because it's on your facebook), other than that thank you for you feedback. The lack of context is intentionnal and the content is not at all random but I can absolutely understand how that bugged you!

Anyway, thank you for playing and taking time to give me an honest feedback, that is much appreciated =)

Nice one ! I did not get a word of german but I had fun reading the auto-subtitles from youtube, keep it up and thank you =)

That is awesome, thank you for your interest in that little game =) Also I've uploaded a new version to fix a serious bug ! Everything should be fine now. Looking forward to see you play !

Should be fixed, I uploaded a new package.

Please tell me if you have any issue ! and thanks for the feedback =)

Oh I'm sorry about that ! You know what I'll code a basic menu that allow you to reset the autosave!

Thanks for pointing that out ! It will just be a few hours (if nothing goes wrong haha)