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Schachkampf - Fantasy ChessView game page

The chess game you wanted to play on your SNES back in the days
Submitted by KeyboardKrieger (@KeyboardKrieger) — 6 days, 14 hours before the deadline
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i was never good at chess, haha! but at least this version is more fun


Have you been able to beat the tutorial? That's currently one of the weak spots of Schachkampf and I'm curious because my target audience are people who tried chess but think it's too boring so your opinion is gold 😁


i was able to go through the tutorial, but i literally had no idea how to do the first quest kinda thing


Ok, that should absolutely not be the case after the tutorial. Thanks for the feedback, highly appreciated 😎👍


i mean, i understood what i have to do, but i am not really good at chess so i couldn’t complete it

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Good puzzle game! Just a couple of ideas.

- UI elements are too dark like being disabled.
- The cursor pointer icon is centered on the mouse position,  it does not point to the upper-left corner.
- Having an explanation of failure would be awesome
- Making not so synced idle animations will give the game a "juicier" appeal.

I love the relaxing music!


Thanks for the feedback, I write this down.

But the synched part is on purpose. Had it the other way at first and lots of people said they were distracted by too much motion on screen


 cute pixel character


You obviously don't play most other games and just write a sentence to get attention. That's not what GameJams are made for...

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

graphically good game, you should be able to see where each piece can move when you hover them though (for your own, and the enemies')

also, i'm bad at chess so i didn't make it very far, but that's a me problem i guess


This will definetly be added to my trello board. Shouldn't be that hard to add.