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this is one of the best games i’ve played, the dialogue is a bit too quirky though

this game is actually so well done, it looks really good! good job

i’ve got the exact same problem

i mean, i understood what i have to do, but i am not really good at chess so i couldn’t complete it

i was able to go through the tutorial, but i literally had no idea how to do the first quest kinda thing

this collection of games is actually very much stunning, and has probably a whole lot of work put into it. very good job!

it’s actually pretty fun to play around with the keys. also, pressing all the keys at once is truly chaotic, haha!

i was never good at chess, haha! but at least this version is more fun

this game is actually so well done, good job!

that was a roller coaster of events, haha!


this game is amazing! totally killed my boredom

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nah, i wanted to make something more original. i mean, it’s still heavily inspired by other games, but it’s not a knock off. also, this was my first ever game, so that’s why you are experiencing many bugs

great art! i hope there will be updates in the future

this deserves more recognition, amazing game and idea

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did you press the last button as well though? the one with “will it break starring jimmy felony” written on it. that’s the one that breaks the table

i updated the game btw, and the button is now red so people can see that it is a button as well

aye you replied to him but not to me :(

pretty underrated game. good job mate!

mesmerizing game! best played with a gamepad. great job dude!

sure thing! hope that it’s as good as this, or even better!

may the simpery collapse!

this is actually amazing!!

not bad at all

also, i donated one more dollar to TeamSeas because you reminded me of it

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Any other keyboard controls except for WASD and arrow keys? What about on gamepads?

pretty complex, yet an unbelievably wholesome game

seems like a great game, but it's too much for my 4GB of RAM to handle. it crashed multiple times lol

not bad at all

mesmarising game! great work man, i got to over 5M pounds

pretty  cool ay

nice visual novel, seems like you put a lot of work into it

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there is no doubt about the fact that the overall design of the game is astonishing, but the story itself is pretty deep. not in the "i'm 14 and this is deep" way, but the fact that (don't read further if you don't want spoilers) it shows how may life continue to go down the hill once you inevitably get a job


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This wonderful game astounded me at first glance, and it still amazes me to this day! Your design is amazing, I cannot fathom how long you spent creating your characters and animating them! In addition, the writing is so well done, that I think it would have taken at least ten writers to produce the whole thing! It's also incredible how easy it is to use the controls and memorize the levels, and the gameplay itself is great!

I am now eagerly awaiting the next levels of the game, which I am sure will be just as spectacular as they are now!

when you collide with a missile, you basically lose, but there are still 3 seconds where you can still play the game when you and the score are blinking to show you that you died. it doesn't matter if you restore the timer, the game still resets because you touched the missile

i will perhaps make it so you will not be able to shoot or move your player in those 3 seconds of blinking when you lose in future updates

yeah, in the next updates

nice idea, pretty impresive! only if the scream wasn't so loud when you lose lol

very cool game, didn't know Pico-8 is capable of such games! great pixel art too

cool little game you made!