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Please maik mobail built


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What feature should be added next?

11/10. just amazing

such a perfect game. those amazing sounds, the realistic physics, the stunning graphics. just wow. 11/10.

i'm a simple man, i see cats, i like
a few things:

-Your game would look more appealing, if you add some screenshots to your page

-in my opinion, you should have a little control overr your jump (press for a short amound of time to jump lower, press longer to jump higher) cause i think it would feel better.

-in the moving platform level, the platform should move the player, so it dosn't slip away beneath you

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graphically good game, you should be able to see where each piece can move when you hover them though (for your own, and the enemies')

also, i'm bad at chess so i didn't make it very far, but that's a me problem i guess

great visuals

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aspect in brower is a bit scuffed, zoom in to 180%

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the art looks very good, also CAT

Kitty go MEW

What is the best hero in fungi VS ghouls 2?

Fungi VS Ghouls 2 Is now in Development

the most unreal thing about this game is the rtx 3090

very nice game

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Found out that the browser version can completely break when it is not started on landscape, i'll try fix it

If you tell me what your exact problem was i could try fix it

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it dosn't work? I know there are some problems but is is playable at all?

Browser version was intended to be like a demo so you can see if it is shit before downloading

Edit: Couldn't fix that java scrip error so i removed it 

Will be in fungi vs ghouls 2 along with cool lootboxes

Why do only people with good polished games comment on this?

i mean, i could make a switch port

nice idea

looks really good, like it

such great game


looks like baldis basics and i like that

maybe add some small shake effects, makes a big difference

It is so well polished and tested, there could never be amy bugs or spelling mistakes in this game /s

feels and looks pretty good

i veri aprischiait ior einioiment on sis gaym