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Logo for My Submission!

A topic by PalisadeStudio created Apr 18, 2017 Views: 97 Replies: 2
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I've been a part of a couple game jams before and there always seems to be a lack of 'daily updates' and such. Probably from the fear of having ideas stolen or something, but nontheless, I wanted to share the title and 'logo' for my project! After 13 hours of development yesterday until the wee hours of todays morning, I got a ton done! Looking forward to sharing it with you all! :)

I present, GRIDIRON!



Looks cool!! I like the idea of sharing your progress while working! I promise not to steal!


No worries! ;) It's a totally original idea I came up with myself. It's like... a farm, and you use the crops as weapons to destroy other players. Corn bazookas, axes, shotguns, etc. Really cool player design with the rayman-style limbs and such. Never been done before! ;D

Hehehe. Kidding, Qazi! ;)