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Absolutely, feel free to use it in your game! :) If theres room on the credit list that would be great, otherwise I'd just like to see a link to the game so I can try it out. :)


For a game made with primitives, the palette and the shadows under the game board add a huge boost to the aesthetics of the game. I actually really like it the way it is. You did a great job! :)

Challenging reflex based game. Pretty good submission! Great job :)

Love the retro feel and the sounds.

Neat little idea!

I'd play this on mobile for sure!

Simple but I actually really enjoy the whole idea. Graphics are great and stylized, and the camera work is next level.


I like the idea! Would love to see the ball bounce off the buildings as well, but it's a great start! :)


Frustrating as hell, but a good game! I think I'd place this at the top of the pack so far with 16 Submissions. Good job!

I specifically like how you've used math AND programming syntax. Stands out to the crowd, for sure. Good job!

Once you get the controls down, it's a pretty addicting concept. Would love to see the x-axis rotation locked but I like this.

Hopefully you continue to work on the idea until the due date!

Good job :)

Would be a great title for a peaceful soundtrack to compliment the simplistic concept and graphics.

For what it is though - not bad. Would like to see what you can do with this over the course of the rest of the Jam.

Any way to get an executable rather than an Installer?

Pretty neat idea as a one button entry haha. Some pretty funny outcomes!

No worries! ;) It's a totally original idea I came up with myself. It's like... a farm, and you use the crops as weapons to destroy other players. Corn bazookas, axes, shotguns, etc. Really cool player design with the rayman-style limbs and such. Never been done before! ;D

Hehehe. Kidding, Qazi! ;)

I've been a part of a couple game jams before and there always seems to be a lack of 'daily updates' and such. Probably from the fear of having ideas stolen or something, but nontheless, I wanted to share the title and 'logo' for my project! After 13 hours of development yesterday until the wee hours of todays morning, I got a ton done! Looking forward to sharing it with you all! :)

I present, GRIDIRON!


Desktop! Didn't even notice it was available for Mobile. I'll have to give it a download! :)


Really neat idea, actually. Very impressed, very addicted.

Your second track is awesome man. Absolutely love the raw sounds you used.

Would love to see more of your work in-game. Keep us up to date on the GForce game when your music is in there!


I don't see why not. The example they gave was that it had to be played with the old arcade button - and as long as there is only one button per player, it makes sense to me.

Good luck man! Excited to see what you have planned.