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QaziJam is a game jam that started out on QaziTV's Twitch channel. The idea is that there are no hard and fast rules or guidelines to follow, other than gearing yourself up to make a game in a short amount of time! The goals of QaziJams are to either help you get started as a gamedev or to help you get better if you already make games. No matter what you make, you'll always increase in power level after a game jam.

The theme for this jam will once again be NO THEME. Make whatever you want!

At the end of the jam QaziTV will play your entries live on stream! The jam also overlaps with Ludum Dare weekend, so if you are looking to do LD and want Qazi to play your games, make sure you submit them to QaziJam as well.

This jam is 9.5 because QaziTV himself won't be jamming in order to focus attention on releasing his current game.


Qazi streams the development of his jam game live at and encourages you to stream your development as well! Remember to use #qazijam whenever you do!

Reserve a time slot to have your QaziJam 9.5 game played on QaziTV's stream Monday April 24th!



This Jam has no theme! Do whatever the heck you want! Seriously!

If you also plan on entering Ludum Dare, or BGSJam 9 that weekend, feel free to use the theme from those jams!


The rules for the jam are simple

  • Alone or on a team
  • Any engine, any tools
  • Game should have a clear start and end.
  • Submit your game here in the itchio jam page by the end date.
  • To submit your game, just create and upload your finished game to from your Dashboard, and then it will be visible to choose as your submission for this game jam when you click the Submit button at the top of this page.

    **If you are continuing an old project that you started before the game (which is totally fine), please include GIP (Game in Progress) in your submission description**

    Note: The submit button does not appear until the jam begins, but once it starts, you may submit your game at any time!


    You retain ALL rights to your creations. NO distribution rights to ANYTHING you post on this website are claimed by QaziTV or affiliates of QaziJam. You can do whatever you want with your finished game. Expand it, sell it, release it, delete it. It's up to you. That being said, be aware that all of the terms and conditions of stand on their own and must be agreed to upon creating an account and uploading games to their service.

    The organizers do request the right to use your game for purpose of publicizing the competition.

    The following paragraph should go without saying, but:
    If you used any resources within your game that you personally did not create (graphics, music, sounds, whatever), the creators of those resources retain whatever rights they originally specified when you retrieved the resources. You will also be considered a significantly better person if you provide adequate credit to the original creators within your game as well over if you do not include credit. DO NOT USE resources that you do not explicitly have permission to use or else you will be rightfully subject to the consequences of doing so.


    You just made a freaking game!!

    Past Jam:

    You can see the awesome games made for our last jam, QaziJam 9, over here!


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    4-Player Cheerleading via Telegraph
    You are a pear.
    Pet Management and Combat Fantasy RPG
    Role Playing
    Simulator, Ambience, Nature
    A precision shooter. Shoot robots, don't get shot by robots!
    Sail your boat across the ocean while avoiding rocks.
    Play in browser
    Can you prevent infection?
    MeatBrawl is an pixel style, procedural platformer dungeon brawler created in Unity
    Epic Adventure Game! Many exclamation marks!
    A low-rez precision platformer
    Play in browser
    Keep Tiny Earth alive for as long as possible!
    Game made for Qazi's Qazijam9.5
    A collection of scenes in a small globe.
    Play in browser
    Qazi Adventures Part 1 - a short game, all about Qazi! Who wouldn't want to play that??
    You awake in a dungeon. How far down are you from the surface? Will you ever find a way out?
    Role Playing
    Local multiplayer 2D Pong-RPG. Online multiplayer coming soon!