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Question about 1st rule!

A topic by Tofu Sheets Visual created Jul 15, 2017 Views: 197 Replies: 4
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Hi there!

I was so happy to find this jam as this is my favourite genre to write stories for! Anyway, I just had a quick question about the first rule. It states that the game must be designed and created during the jam. I was wondering, could I still use a story concept I made awhile ago but never made anything from it? There's a forum roleplay I never launched and I really love the plot I created for it and it is a post-apocalyptic thing, so I was thinking it'd probably do much better as a game! I was wondering if I could still use this plot and concept I had, so long as I do not develop the game at all before the jam? Thanks in advance!

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I'm interpreting that rule as "no actual work on your entry". I just signed up today and plan spending my time between now at the start of the jam to think about mechanics, assets I already own that I might be able to use, and, finally, all of the features I want to add but won't be able to get right or implement...but I'm not actually doing anything until the clock starts. I'm trying to get my thoughts in order while following the spirit of the jam.

Just my $0.02 and input and don't know it'll be helpful or relevant to you...

Mm, that's how I interpreted it too!


Absolutely - planning your game is of course 100 per cent acceptable! :-)

Thank you <3