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You may ask: "Doesn't the world already have more than enough post-apocalyptic games?"

My answer would be: "How could the world ever have enough post-apocalyptic games???"

Especially the kind that isn't just a shooting gallery with a bunch of asset store zombies thrown into a random landscape. What we're looking for here is good game design, general creativity and an interesting take on the theme.

Your game can be fast and violent, slow and thoughtful, serious, sad or humorous - anything goes as long as it's well designed.

Jam duration is four weeks.

Voting criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Storytelling
  • Game design
  • Polish
  • Overall impression

Voting will be public, i.e. anyone can vote, not just participants.

A few words about "storytelling": This doesn't mean you need to have a complex plot with lots of dialogue, it's more like: "Would a screenwriter have something interesting to work with if this was to be turned into a movie?"


  • Games must be designed and created during the jam
  • Any genre, as long as the game follows the post-apocalyptic theme
  • Any game engine
  • Any existing assets that you have the right to use are allowed - but please give credit where credit is due
  • NSFW content allowed

And please don't start working on your actual game before the jam starts  - right now your time is better spent stockpiling canned food, bottled water and ammunition before all hell breaks loose!


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A short story about two guys walking towards a common destiny
A post-apocalyptic first person adventure game.
Role Playing
​Maze Trouble is a fun FPS game. It's a combination of a zombie shooter game and pathfinding throw a endless maze.​
Play in browser
Follow a mute girl and her dog in this short post apocalyptic VN.
Visual Novel
Wander the Desert looking for a reason to survive.