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Submitted by Bardon — 1 day, 11 hours before the deadline
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Being able to jump through all of the platforms was great and I especially like being able to stamp through them too and on to enemies. Talking about the enemies, they certainly make navigating the platforms more interesting and are all well animated but to improve them further I would suggest a bit more variety in their movements e.g. one could move faster, another could be jumping, another could be flying in a sine movement, one could be climbing on the undersides of the platforms etc. Activating the levers to reveal the invisible platforms was done well and although the controls are in the description, I think there could also be some text saying ‘Press C’ when the player overlaps the first lever

I'll keep you posted when I make my YouTube video, which all being well should be tomorrow


thank you for your mail! yes, some variety with the movement of the enemies would be better


Thanks for submitting and finishing a game, not hard to do in 1 month so kudos!

The gameplay itself needs some improvements:

  • The jump needs to feel less like flying - it needs to be fast and snappy, add more force, less jump time, and more gravity on landing.
  • The levers needs to have some kind of a feedback when you press on them.
  • (pressing E disables the player?)



ok, the flying could be better. with feedback of the levers you mean sonds?  pressing e is not supposed,maybe the player will be disabled


I love how the character floats up and you can press down to fall quicker, it is really nice to have full control and it is clear to me a lever has been used. Its good that you can't pull it back too, the only thing that needs time spent on is level design which is expected given the time to make this but based on your platforms I think you will do well. 


thank you for playing! yes, the level-design could be better


I just figured out I need to press space to start the game. The game looks fantastic, and am loving the feel of the controls and the music. I would never have guessed I needed to jump on those enemies with a spike on their head though. The explosion doesn't fit the look of your game in my opinion. It would probably look nicer if they drop down off the screen.

Pulling a lever to reveal a platform in order to progress is cool and like that it is easy to pull it. I think there should be one at the very start just to make it clear this is what you need to do to progress even though this should be obvious. I think you got the right idea by keeping the enemies away from the levers. The levers could be more challenging to get to by adding things like spikes that protrude from the ground, and puzzles etc as the enemies are not too difficult to defeat or jump past. Not sure what you got planned with having loads of different types of enemies, but they could jump, have projectiles etc. I don't like how enemies can walk across the bottomless pits, they should either fall in or turn away. I ended up jumping into it thinking I could do the same thing! 

Other than that, great job, and best of luck!


thank you for playing! ok, the explosion dont really fit. the levels could be bigger and more puzzles


I liked the sprites and the backgrounds. I also liked the music choice.

One thing I noticed was that I could just jump from platform to platform while avoiding most of the enemies. You could potentially fix this in several ways, such as maybe having enemies on the platforms or maybe spacing the platforms out a bit. This would also make the power-ups more useful as I didn’t ever really feel the need to use them.

Since the main “invisible platform” gimmick is tied to pulling the levers, I think it could be beneficial to make the process of getting to the levers more challenging.  Right now, they're in plain sight and easy for the player to reach with very little resistance.

Thanks for submitting!


ok, you are right.....some enemies on the platforms above would be better. it is too easy? thank you for playing