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Share your palette generating tools!

A topic by Cristiano Vitorino created Jun 07, 2018 Views: 310 Replies: 4
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My favorites are:

Free: (Web App) - Great app, really easy to use (you just hit spacebar to generate a new palette) you can match up to 5 colors in harmony and manipulate them however you like, with some interesting features like locking one color and getting the others to match it (and matching the locked one settings too). If you want to create an account, you can save all your palettes, or do some screen caps also does the job : )

Paid: Aseprite's RGB and RYB color wheels - Just amazing, does everything an awesome color harmony wheel should do, with the most common presets available like complementary, triads, etc, you can also create and load presets.


My method is way more lo-fi.
I just use inkscape ( free, opensource, but buggy and seems to be under minimal development :( ) and manually tweak everything until I get something I like.


Nice! Inkscape was the first vector app I've ever used, 11 years ago, and sparkled my love for graphic design. Even tho I don't use it anymore, it has a special place in my heart : )


Honestly I found This Deviantart image by NinjahMonki incredibly useful. Im not too good on colour theory, so it has helped a lot for groupings. 

While there are a few too many colours here for a weekend game, its a good place to start. 


Yeah, color theory is a life long process. This is really helpful indeed, thanks for sharing.