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Eldridge Misnomer

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Cool, really fun. I was a bit disappointed after dragging my canvas and paints all the way to the top of the mountain that I couldn't paint a picture of the view but I had a lovely pasta and spent way to much time on the beach.

Oh, and the art is top notch!

I might just be being dim, but I can't work out how to open the door on 1-1.

Yeah, it's a shame that it doesn't really work out of VR - the controls are way too sluggish. I also had the red circle bug.

It's a shame because the game is really visually good, the penguins are super cute and the gameplay is interesting. The main problem(?) with the game is that it's more fun to feed the whales than it is to save the penguins.

Hang on, am I playing Russian (ok, ducking) roulette with myself?! I mean, there's only one possible outcome!

It was stylish with really accomplished character designs and nice music but that sound effect was pretty gross.

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I really struggled to work out what I was supposed to do. I did manage a score of 1 but I have no idea how.

I might be doing something wrong but Discord tells me this link is invalid or expired.

Thanks, that's really nice.

That's not a bunny, it's a duck.
Lovely. Beautiful choice of colours, great little animations, very cute. I was worried it was going to be a super-tricky puzzler, but no, no, these are ghost-bunnies :)

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Fantastically slick, mad stylish!

I really loved it. Especially when I shoved a vole up my nose, because.... my mum told me too???
Brilliant. Very pretty too, and a good little story wrapped up in that prettiness and simple puzzling.

For such a simple game this was surprisingly compulsive and really rewarded repeated play. I really like the effect of piling tons of stuff onto the screen. Make me also want to get back into processing.

Lovely looking game. 
The  visual design is really something. Making delightful little ducks, and making them all different from each other in so few pixels is a real achievement. 
As others have mentioned the gates are a really nice touch.
I did find it a bit easy as a puzzle, and maybe the levels were a bit to big with so much moving to and fro. Good game though.

I'm impressed you're able to make a game and write devlogs at the same time. I thought about doing it and then abandoned the idea immediately for the sake of my sanity. 
I do plan on writing a retrospective one though, and I'll stick it here when it's done.

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Ok, makes sense :)

Oh, that was utterly delightful. I love the art and animation and playing was really fun. Great end too.

I really liked the music and the characters, but I was really disappointed that when I interacted with my cat it didn't say 'save to witch file'!
Some form of instructions would be nice, it took me several googles to find out how to read the recipe book. Also, I really should have washed my hands before baking that cake :D

I enjoyed it.
I like the world a lot. Also that you can rush straight to the date without even getting dressed. I'm impressed with my date's ability to just teleport between standing weirdly outside my house and the the park where we meet. Why are they hanging out outside my house if they won't walk with me?!

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Hi! I totally agree with the pastel concept being interesting – it's really novel to have an aesthetic limitation like that and it frees us up to make the game however we're comfortable with.

My method is way more lo-fi.
I just use inkscape ( free, opensource, but buggy and seems to be under minimal development :( ) and manually tweak everything until I get something I like.

Created a new topic Introductions

Hello Pastel-Jamers!
I thought I'd create a thread for if folks want to introduce themselves.

Hi, I'm Eldridge, this is my first ever jam so I'm quite excited. 
I find making games kind of slow and gruelling so I'm looking forward to trying to get one done in such a short time. I'm a tiny bit dubious of if I'm even capable though :-)
I'll be working in Unity because it's what I'm most familiar with and my game will probably involve walking around.


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Hey, I played your game and really enjoyed it. 
I particularly liked the jump-cuts which really captured the idea of a character's thoughts flitting from one thing to another, motivated by the objects around them (at least that's what it suggested to me). I also liked the little tasks the game had me do –small slices of repetitive action which brought some rhythm into the action.
I also LOVE that radiator model :-D beautiful.
I found the controls a little difficult to manage but still managed to contort my body to try and see if there was anything written on the back of the photo, only to find that it was invisible from behind!
I was disappointed I didn't get to pack the vibrator.

Thanks for playing and commenting!
You may well be right about it wanting an endgame, a few people have mentioned this and although I wanted to make something that could go on forever that may not have been the best idea.

Hey all,
I released my first game yesterday:


It's a strange little beast of a randomised walking simulator of sorts.
I think some of you all might like it.

I've also got a little dev log up talking about it and playing a bit: