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a good, original spin on a memory game, and a cute theme :)

Ok, that's cool, thanks!
Mine'll hopefully be a piece of Interactive fiction in a D&D-alike setting where you try and get job and make money without adventuring in an economy that's entirely geared towards adventuring.
But I'm struggling with scope creep at the moment and need to cut it down if I'm going to finish it, so we'll see...

So, I saw this Jam on twitter and though it looked cool, and I started making my game. And then I saw submissions start to come in, and they're all pen-and-paper rpgs. Is this jam only for pen and paper stuff? Am I hanging around in the wrong place???
(I mean, I could try and do a pen-and-paper one, but I wasn't planning to)

Thanks a bunch!

I'm getting the same error a lot:

"Line 1381 (in main module)
Subscript out of range

I mean, obviously the chicken did it.

What a great title, and such a sense of urgency. Brilliant. Pallet was spot-on too.

Oh GAWD, that was horrifying.
Well done.

So great! What a rich inventive collection, very impressive.

So, I've been slithering slowly eastward now for more than 15 minutes, reckoning that if I had made this game I would have put something there, far far away, for the one fool stubborn enough to keep plodding onward, and also in the knowledge that the more intelligent (any maybe even more honest) thing to do would be to just make it go on forever. Either way, fair play to you, I believe that I've been beaten.

This is brilliant. I love the sparseness of your style, really understated and cool. The carpets, in particular, are lovely!

Oh, thanks a bunch :)

Oh, that's super cool!
Thanks for sharing the photos, glad I'm not the only one :D

Aww, thanks :)

Thank you! :)

I tried to hit a number of different tones and wondered if the bones line was one too far, glad it tickled someone.

I know, right, absolutely inscrutable!
(thank you :))

Excuses Galore!

My new game is out now.

It's a staying-at-home simulator, an interactive excuse generator, in which your friends try desperately to invite you out and you resist with all your might.

Here's a trailer:

And there's also a little Let's Play.

Nice. The snail avatar is really neat.

Nice. I love the giant snail.

Oh really nice, I liked the unusually detailed aesthetic, and the writing was pretty great.
All those endings too, I think I found six different ones, and all of them good.
Great work.

Lovely, I really like the singing rose. and the snail avatar too.

Oh cool, I really like the style - especially the dramatic colour contrasts, and the cool wind-battered trees

Brilliant, I loved it.
Shades of The Witness but much more relaxing.

Really brilliant neat bit of design here. Loved it.

Oh, that was really beautiful. 
The story is good and engaging, but it's the interaction that really appeals to me... the way pages resit being pulled off, just a bit; the tone which plays every time you do;  and the way it floats down out of view, really great. The pacing also is spot on, there are just enough empty days to let anticipation build and to give the feel of real time ready to pass. Fantastic work.

Done. Hope it helps.

C'est chouette. Je l'ai bien aimer.

I tried playing but it crashed during the initial load. I can send you the log if you let me know were to.

(1 edit)

I really love the style, it's beautiful - especially the environments. I had a few problems playing it though... there's a big lag in the transition between the bus stop and the cliff, and then I went off the right side of the screen in the bar and couldn't get back again.


I've just released my short narrative game about being a president, dodging questions at press conferences and reminiscing about your Great Aunt, among other things. It's free, playable in browser, and made with ink.


Thanks for letting me know.
It turns out there was a major problem with missing data in the zip file. I have now replaced it with a new version, hopefully everything should be working now.

Oh, really cool. I love the concept of travel guide / mystery and the interweaving of place-as-tourist-destination with place-as-scene-of-personal-tragedy is really effective.

Will do!

Some lovely language in here, 'a saint's venerated scraps'. And my hat is coloured saffron, that's pretty cool :-) The world is delightfully weird. 
I failed to find find more than one ending, but I don't have a lot of experience with IF, so I'm probably missing something obvious. Cool game. 

I liked it - the murky low-poly, billboards and chunky pixel aesthetic. There was a bit too much traipsing back and forth though I thought, although it's interesting to have so mundane a task and then, I guess, inadvertently cause a masacre?

Best name: Erasmus Badger
Best death: Longing

What a neat thing :-D
I feel like it needs a few more causes of death, either that or something to fudge the randomness a bit and make them less repetitive 

This is wonderfully, epically overblown madness. Cool.
The art is gorgeous, especially the god rays, and chaos, and, well, all of it really.

This seems like a really neat idea for a tabletop rpg, I wish I had a group to try it with. It seems like it would play really well, providing everyone was on board. Have you playtested it much?