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Really brilliant neat bit of design here. Loved it.

Oh, that was really beautiful. 
The story is good and engaging, but it's the interaction that really appeals to me... the way pages resit being pulled off, just a bit; the tone which plays every time you do;  and the way it floats down out of view, really great. The pacing also is spot on, there are just enough empty days to let anticipation build and to give the feel of real time ready to pass. Fantastic work.

Done. Hope it helps.

C'est chouette. Je l'ai bien aimer.

I tried playing but it crashed during the initial load. I can send you the log if you let me know were to.

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I really love the style, it's beautiful - especially the environments. I had a few problems playing it though... there's a big lag in the transition between the bus stop and the cliff, and then I went off the right side of the screen in the bar and couldn't get back again.


I've just released my short narrative game about being a president, dodging questions at press conferences and reminiscing about your Great Aunt, among other things. It's free, playable in browser, and made with ink.


Thanks for letting me know.
It turns out there was a major problem with missing data in the zip file. I have now replaced it with a new version, hopefully everything should be working now.

Oh, really cool. I love the concept of travel guide / mystery and the interweaving of place-as-tourist-destination with place-as-scene-of-personal-tragedy is really effective.

Will do!

Some lovely language in here, 'a saint's venerated scraps'. And my hat is coloured saffron, that's pretty cool :-) The world is delightfully weird. 
I failed to find find more than one ending, but I don't have a lot of experience with IF, so I'm probably missing something obvious. Cool game. 

I liked it - the murky low-poly, billboards and chunky pixel aesthetic. There was a bit too much traipsing back and forth though I thought, although it's interesting to have so mundane a task and then, I guess, inadvertently cause a masacre?

Best name: Erasmus Badger
Best death: Longing

What a neat thing :-D
I feel like it needs a few more causes of death, either that or something to fudge the randomness a bit and make them less repetitive 

This is wonderfully, epically overblown madness. Cool.
The art is gorgeous, especially the god rays, and chaos, and, well, all of it really.

This seems like a really neat idea for a tabletop rpg, I wish I had a group to try it with. It seems like it would play really well, providing everyone was on board. Have you playtested it much?

What great atmosphere, a dark dire place to be trapped. Creepy and grim, I enjoyed it.
There are a few little grammatical tweaks I would make, but otherwise lovely.

I like it a lot, especially the music. Also there's some nice subtle effects going on in the animation, I like the way the text sort of seems to decay.

Really great. 
I love the atmosphere, the music is brilliant and the recreation of the town is lovely. Great touches with the tide and the pallet change.

This is spectacular, I love it!

Well, it took a while because I went away right after the jam, but I did  finally write a devlog about the jam and the game I made:
I also recorded a video where I play through my game and talk about it:

Well, seems like a pretty brilliant first try to me :D

Aha! That does make more sense :)

Hmmm... I'm still not getting it.
When I'm holding the key I can't drop it if it's intersecting the door, and I can't push it if I'm not holding it. 
I managed to do it one time - by jumping in the air, releasing the key, moving to the side, and jumping again to hit the key in mid air and knock it into the door - but is that really how you're supposed to use keys?! And then I fell off the edge of the platform and the level restarted and I never managed to repeat my jumping trick. This game may be too hard, maybe? Maybe not, heaven knows I'm no hardcore gamer, but it's a shame I haven't managed to get any further because the mechanics seemed super interesting, more than many of these games (mine included).

Cute and easy is good :D


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Cool, really fun. I was a bit disappointed after dragging my canvas and paints all the way to the top of the mountain that I couldn't paint a picture of the view but I had a lovely pasta and spent way to much time on the beach.

Oh, and the art is top notch!

I might just be being dim, but I can't work out how to open the door on 1-1.

Yeah, it's a shame that it doesn't really work out of VR - the controls are way too sluggish. I also had the red circle bug.

It's a shame because the game is really visually good, the penguins are super cute and the gameplay is interesting. The main problem(?) with the game is that it's more fun to feed the whales than it is to save the penguins.

Hang on, am I playing Russian (ok, ducking) roulette with myself?! I mean, there's only one possible outcome!

It was stylish with really accomplished character designs and nice music but that sound effect was pretty gross.

I really struggled to work out what I was supposed to do. I did manage a score of 1 but I have no idea how.

I might be doing something wrong but Discord tells me this link is invalid or expired.

Thanks, that's really nice.

That's not a bunny, it's a duck.
Lovely. Beautiful choice of colours, great little animations, very cute. I was worried it was going to be a super-tricky puzzler, but no, no, these are ghost-bunnies :)

Fantastically slick, mad stylish!

I really loved it. Especially when I shoved a vole up my nose, because.... my mum told me too???
Brilliant. Very pretty too, and a good little story wrapped up in that prettiness and simple puzzling.

For such a simple game this was surprisingly compulsive and really rewarded repeated play. I really like the effect of piling tons of stuff onto the screen. Make me also want to get back into processing.

Lovely looking game. 
The  visual design is really something. Making delightful little ducks, and making them all different from each other in so few pixels is a real achievement. 
As others have mentioned the gates are a really nice touch.
I did find it a bit easy as a puzzle, and maybe the levels were a bit to big with so much moving to and fro. Good game though.

I'm impressed you're able to make a game and write devlogs at the same time. I thought about doing it and then abandoned the idea immediately for the sake of my sanity. 
I do plan on writing a retrospective one though, and I'll stick it here when it's done.